2 Panel Wallets

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Versatile 2 panel wallets are perfect for men who want an organizer that is structured, intelligently designed and stylish. Numerous designers carry these wallets, so there is easily one for every man.

About 2 Panel Wallets

The dual-panel wallet is one of the most effortless accessories available. Also known as a bi-fold wallet, it is shaped like a miniature book that typically snaps open to reveal one large main compartment for cash, several slots for cards and perhaps one or two compartments for spare items, like receipts.

Since this is one of the most popular types of men's wallets, it is no surprise that there are many varieties available. Some are designed with simplicity in mind, and are sleek, minimal and thin. These styles typically feature only one compartment, or may not have any at all. On the flip side, a more functional wallet will include several slots and pockets.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for 2 panel wallets, it's helpful to consider a few points. After all, bi-folds are so common that it may feel overwhelming to simply dive into the selection and choose just one. You'll want something that not only performs well, but also stands the test of time and handles regular wear and tear with ease.


If you're shopping with longevity in mind, lean towards leather, which is durable, thick and elegant. It is also classic, so it will never lose its relevance or simple elegance. On the other hand, you might be interested in a waterproof wallet if you lead an active lifestyle and want something that will stay in great shape no matter where you take it. In that case, consider a more casual yet durable material, like nylon or canvas.


How much do you tend to carry on a regular basis? If your usual load is quite heavy, your wallet should meet the challenge head on and offer you more than enough space for everything. Some men may ultimately find that a bi-fold style is not spacious enough or appears too bulky when it is filled to capacity. In those cases, a tri-fold wallet may be a better solution.


It's the details that make a wallet worth using. Make sure that it contains enough slots for your most used cards. If you prefer a wallet with extra security, consider a zip-around style that offers a touch of extra security. This is especially handy on bi-fold designs, which can flip open easily.


The color of your wallet may or may not be important to you, but choose wisely if you prefer a style that doesn't clash with your existing wardrobe. Fortunately, this is rarely a problem in the world of men's wallets, since the majority of available colors sit on the neutral end of the spectrum. Look for black, mahogany, camel and brown in particular. The former two are very elegant, while the latter look classy, yet slightly more casual.

Where to Shop

The selection of 2 panel wallets can be immense and there are many stores that carry them. Popular men's brands available include Joseph Abboud, Kenneth Cole and Royce, to name but a few.

If you're seeking a wide range of colors and brands, check out Overstock.com, which offers numerous styles at discounted prices. If you are in the market for a leather style, Wilson's Leather is another good retailer to consider because they offer a large selection.

If you prefer to purchase your wallet in person, visit a department store like Macy's or Nordstrom for an ample selection. Affordable, high-quality styles can often be purchased at discount retailers like Marshalls and Loehmanns.

In the end, the most important detail is whether or not the 2 panel wallet meets your personal needs. If you tend to carry less in general or just want to make the switch to a sleeker design, this wallet may be just what you need.

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2 Panel Wallets