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Smart Purse Alternatives to Fit Your Life

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Purse alternatives can free you up from the need to always carry a purse. Knowing how to carry your stuff without a purse can make your activities a lot more fun and flexible,

Great Ideas for Purse Alternatives

You can choose from a few purse alternative ideas that are spin offs from old ideas, like a waist purse. Some purse alternatives were created in direct response to modern lifestyle needs.

1. FurArt Credit Card Wallet

The Amazon's Choice FurArt credit card zipper wallet secures all your valuables. The RFID blocking card holder features 13 credit card slots that you can easily use for your ID, business cards, and credit cards. It also has two cash slots so you can easily stash any cash you might need. An attached key chain makes this compact wallet a smart purse alternative to fit your life. Price: Around $10.

2. Cell Phone Pockets

Amazon's Choice Shanshui 5-PK stick on cell phone credit card holder presents you with a purse alternative. The 5-PK cell phone pocket includes one holder in each color of pink, blue, white, black, and gray. The stick on pocket is ideal for carrying your ID, credit cards, insurance cards, cash, business cards, ear buds, emery board, comb, pens, and other essentials. Price: Around $6.

3. Wallet Cell Phone Case

Amazon's Choice Hocase PU leather wallet cell phone case is one example of a great way to go purse free! The wallet cell phone case features three card holders for credit cards, ID, driver license, insurance card or business cards. It also features a money pocket for any cash you need to carry with you. The closure is magnetic, and you can opt to use a wrist strap or replace the writ strap holder with your keyring. Price: Around $13.

4. Waist Pack

adidas Originals Unisex National Waist Pack is reminiscent of the fanny pack, only better. You may decide to wear this waist pack as a cross-body purse. It features a 15" shoulder drop with a main compartment. You will also find a small pocket that features a zip top along with a key fob to keep your keys safe. The strap closure has a clip-lock for your safety. Available in 28 colors. Price: Around $25.

5. SCOTTeVEST Women's Travel Jacket

You'll feel like a secret agent when you wear the SCOTTeVEST Women's Travel Jacket with its 25 pockets designed to carry everything you'd ordinarily carry in a purse. This jacket serves double duty with zip-off sleeves that lets you convert it into a vest. Specially designed pockets fit various electronic devices and other items, such as a tablet, cell phone, passport, wallet, sunglasses, camera, keys, and more. Available in navy, beige and black. Price: Around $200.

6. Tank Top With Hidden Zipper Pouch

Clever Travel Companion features a tank top with a hidden zipper pouch. The pick-pocket proof pouch is built into the front of the tank top to give you lots of storage space for your cell phone, credit cards, ID, passport, driver's license, cash, and even keys. Available in gray, black, and white in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and Triple Extra Large. Price: Around $42.

7. Women's Hidden Travel Pouch

Amazon's Choice PacSafe CoverSafe hidden women's travel pouch. You can wear a pouch designed to be worn on the side or the center of your bra via elastic adjustable straps. This pouch is made of soft lingerie fabric and you can stash up to six credit sized cards, money, and a key. The pouch features a snap flap closure and is available in black or pink. Price: Around $14.

8. RFID Travel Money Belt

The 10" x 5.2" x 0.2" RFID Travel Money Belt has an adjustable strap. The belt comes with a set of six RFID blocking sleeves. You can safely store your debit and credit cards without worrying about theft. The belt also holds your cell phone, keys, passport, ID, driver's license, and more. The money belt is easy to conceal underneath your clothes for added security. Available in seven colors. Price: Around $14.

9. Lanyard Wallet

Vera Bradley features a Carryall RFID lanyard card wallet. With three card slips and a slip pocket you can keep your credit and debit cards, ID, driver's license, and cash safe. This classic 3.0"W x 4.5"H lanyard is the size of a slim card case. It features a zip closure, snap closure and has an 18.5" removable strap. Available in black or gray. Price: Around $50.

10. Wrist Wallet

Amazon's Choice simptech Running Phone Armband features two zip pockets. You can store your debit/credit cards, keys, cell phone, ID, Driver's license, cash, ear buds, and other items. The waterproof armband has adjustable Velcro straps. It's also a great way to carry your stuff without needing a purse, especially when traveling. Available in five colors. Price: Around $14.99.

Tips on How to Carry Stuff Without a Purse

There are several ways you can carry stuff without a purse. You can use another carry object to double as a purse. Some of these include:


You can slip your cosmetic bag, wallet, and cell phone into your backpack and eliminate the need for a purse. You may decide a small backpack works better than a large one.


You can use a plastic container or something like a candy tin for your purse items. You can slip in some cash, credit/debit cards, ID, driver's license, and a key or two and then stow it in your jacket pocket or backpack.

Cosmetic Bag

You can let your cosmetic bag double as a purse to hold some of your various purse items. This will allow you to skip carrying a purse.

Coat/Jacket Pockets

Inside coat/jacket zip pockets or slip pockets can hold some of your purse items. An inside zip pocket or a hidden pocket within an exterior pocket is great for storing a credit card or driver's license.

Laptop Bag

If you carry a laptop bag to work or school, you can always use it to hold your stuff. You can use small pouches or bags to group certain purse items and alleviate the need to also carry a purse.

Pants Pockets

You can choose pants that have deep pockets and a slip pocket or two to store several essential items, cards, and keys without needing to carry a purse. Jeans are especially friendly with many pockets to free up that purse!

Shopping Tote

If you're shopping and carrying a tote for your purchases, you can put your purse items in the bag. You can place specific purse items in a small pouch or bag to stash in your shopping tote,

Use Smart Purse Alternatives to Carry Stuff Without a Purse

There are many choices of smart purse alternatives. You can choose one or more for various activities, so you can carry stuff without needing a purse.

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Smart Purse Alternatives to Fit Your Life