Practical Purses With Pockets for Everything

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Practical purses tend to have pockets for almost everything you wish to carry. You can find handbags with interior and/or exterior pockets in almost every style of purse.

Tips for Handbags with Lots of Compartments

A handbag can be stylish and practical with lots of compartments to carry your essentials. There are many styles of handbags that give you a wide variety of choices. You can select handbags with open and zip compartment in the interior of the handbag. Other styles feature zip compartments on the exterior of the handbag.

Choosing Handbags with Compartments

When shopping for handbags with lots of compartments, you need to decide what items you will be carrying. For example, if you require a large hairbrush, you want to be sure the handbag has an inside compartment that is big enough to accommodate it. Wolf & Badger features a faux leather purse with a middle zipper compartment for around $150.

Elodie Rose Multi Compartment Cross Body

Convenience of Open Compartments

If you need to carry a cosmetic bag that you can easily remove when changing purses, then an open compartment will allow you to just drop the cosmetic bag inside the purse. Lots of compartments different sizes will provide you with storage options.

Zipper Compartments to Group Smaller Items

Consider how many zipper compartments you need. For example, smaller items may need to be in a zipper compartment to keep them from spilling out and cluttering your handbag.

Satchel Purse with Side Pockets

The satchel purse design typically features exterior side pockets that may be zippered, slip, or flap with a magnetic closure. The side pockets are often large enough to store quite a few items. You may find one side pocket designed specifically for your phone for easy access. Amazon features a satchel handbag for around $43.

Scarleton Satchel Handbag for Women
Scarleton Satchel Handbag for Women

More Pockets Inside Satchel Purse

The satchel interior often features one or more zip pockets and/or slip pockets. There may also be open or zip compartments, depending on the satchel size. Most satchels come with an adjustable strap that allows you to wear it crossbody or over your shoulder. The strap is usually detachable, allowing you to carry the satchel by double handles for a different look.

Shoulder Handbags with Multi-Pockets

Multi-pocket handbags, like shoulder bags, offer you a wide range of choices. The pockets vary in sizes, location and type. For example, your shoulder bag may feature exterior front pockets to present you with additional storage options. Some shoulder bags have end zip pockets for item storage, such as a phone. eBags features a shoulder handbag with multi-pockets for around $140.

Nino Bossi Sweet Caroline Shoulder Bag
Nino Bossi Sweet Caroline Shoulder Bag

Multi-Pockets Inside Shoulder Bags

Inside a shoulder bag, you may find zip or Velcro closure pockets designed to hold loose items. Some pockets run the full length of the shoulder bag while others may be narrow and deep. Decide how many pockets you need then shop with that specific number or larger number of pockets in mind.

Avoid Over-packing Shoulder Bags

The key to using a multi-pocket shoulder bag is not to over-pack it. If you make your shoulder bag too heavy, you may find yourself switching the bag from one shoulder to the other in an effort to redistribute the weight.

Crossbody Bags with Pockets

Crossbody bags with pockets provide needed storage with easy access zip pockets often featured on the outside of the bag. Inside you can find open and/or zip pockets. Depending on the bag design, these can be slim for slender items or deep and wide pockets for larger items. Overland features a leather crossbody tote bag with side pockets for around $259.

Roma Two-Tone Leather Crossbody Tote Bag
Roma Two-Tone Leather Crossbody Tote Bag

Best Ways to wear Crossbody Bags with Pockets

A crossbody purse is often worn on the hip at waist level. Stylish, designer, crossbody, mini purses are often worn in the front of your body to show off the purse design. In addition, this position gives you quick access to the items in your purse, especially when you're shopping. If you need the area in front of your body free, you can always slide the purse to your back or along the back of your hip/waist.

Crossbody Bags Straps

You want to consider the type of strap featured on crossbody bags and how the strap will feel when worn across your chest. You may find that narrow straps wear better. If you are opting for a larger bag, you need to make sure the strap is wide enough to distribute the weight of the bag. If you're looking for a crossbody bag that you can wear for business attire or a more formal occasion, you may decide that a chain strap or narrow leather strap is more suitable.

Messenger Bags with Pockets

Messenger bags are good for casual attire. Most messenger bags have a streamlined appearance since the pockets are located inside the bag. The flap closure may be a snap, Velcro, magnet, or clasp design. The interior may feature a mix of zip and slip pockets. Kohl's offers a messenger bag with pockets for around $92.

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Messenger Briefcase
Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Messenger Briefcase

Laptop Messenger Bag Options

Some messenger bags are used to carry a laptop or tablet. These bags feature multi-pockets to carry other items, such as a wallet, phone, adapter, pens, cosmetics, travel accessories, and other items.

Wearing a Messenger Bag

The best way to wear a messenger bag is with the strap over one shoulder and crossing the front of the body. Like a crossbody bag, the messenger bag rests on the hip. You can also carry a messenger bag on your back similar to a backpack when you need the space in front of you open. Another way is simply to wear the messenger bag over one shoulder.

Hobo Purse with Lots of Pockets for Everything

A hobo purse is usually worn on the shoulder or carried by handles. This purse design lends itself very easily to lots of pockets. These are usually inside the purse, but some take advantage of the casual design to feature outside pockets. The crescent shape of the hobo purse provides a great deal of interior space that is perfect for lots of pockets. You can find open, slip, zip, and Velcro flap pocket styles. The slouch appearance of a hobo purse provides flexibility that makes storing items in lots of pockets a great option. Macy's features a hobo handbag with pockets for around $325.

Coach Sutton Hobo Bag
Coach Sutton Hobo Bag

Bucket Purse with Outside Pockets

A bucket purse may feature outside pockets. The outside pockets are often located on opposite sides. These can be rather large with zipper closures. Two slip pockets are often found in combination with outside zip pockets. The inside purse well is usually left open, although some designs may feature a small zip pocket. Nordstrom Rack features a bucket purse with pockets for around $209.

The Sak Grenada Bucket by The Sak Collective
The Sak Grenada Bucket by The Sak Collective

Belt Bag with Pockets

Belt bags or fanny packs feature zip pockets for security. A belt bag often has a smaller outside front zip pocket and an interior zip pocket. You may find some belt bags feature numerous compartments and pockets. Shopbop features Alexander Wang belt/fanny pack/crossbody for around $595.

Model wears a Alexander Wang bag

How to Wear a Belt Bag

There are several ways you can wear a belt bag. The most obvious way is in the front of your waist. Some people prefer to slip the bag to their back. A trendy fashion look is to wear the belt bag as a crossbody bag with the purse crossing the center of your chest.

Practical Purses with Pockets for Everything

A purse with multi-pockets makes a fashion statement that it's also a very practical accessory. Choose the purse style while keeping in mind how many pockets you want and whether they need to be interior or exterior pockets.

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