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Must-Have Purse Accessories

Mary Gormandy White
Amy Butler Techno Pouch
Amy Butler Techno Pouch

It's a given that you need a great-looking handbag to hold your gear, but there's no reason to stop there. With so many useful purse accessories available, you can take the process of storing and carrying your necessaries to a whole new level. Try some of these must-have accessory options.

Organizing Pouches

Tired of fumbling around in your handbag searching for your items? You can get the clutter gathering on the bottom of your purse under control with a carefully selected pouch (or two, or several). A few great organizing options to keep your gear under control include:

Amy Butler Techno Pouch

Not your standard makeup bag, the Techno Pouch from Amy Butler is a great way to store a variety of items that would otherwise be rattling around loose in your purse. These pouches are super-soft, with poly-foam exterior fabric that is designed to be water repellent. The inside, where you'll find handy interior pockets, is done in a print fabric made from organic cotton. Its a great size to hold your makeup, but you can also use it to keep track of tech-goodies, such as your phone, iPod or ear buds, or to store a small-to-do-list, writing instruments, a calculator and just about anything else you carry with you.

  • Price: Available from for just under $28.

Pack-It Sac

Eagle Creek's Pack-It Sac pouches come in a variety of sizes for virtually any packing need you might have. Their extra-small and small options are perfectly sized to work as handbag accessories, providing zipper-secured pouch storage for all kinds of items. From makeup to tech gear and writing instruments, you can keep your goodies properly situated in your purse so they don't rattle around on the bottom, and you can easily put your hands on them when you need them. Customer reviews on the Eagle Creek product pages indicate that the bags do a great job holding items. One customer states "I use it in my purse for makeup, pens and diabetes drinks." Others indicate that they use it for toiletries, tech gadgets, and even candy bars.

  • Price: These are super-affordable, with the extra-small size priced at $7.50 and the small priced at $8.50. Purchase directly from the Eagle Creek website.

Handbag Hooks

When you think about it, sitting your handbag on the floor and other surfaces you come across in your daily life can be pretty nasty. That's a great way to pick up dirt and germs. With a handbag hook, you won't have to lay your precious handbag down at all. Instead, allow it to dangle free from coming into contact with general ick.

FUMI Bracelet Pursehook

The FUMI Bracelet Pursehook is a multi-purpose handbag accessory serving triple duty. FUMI stands for fashionable, unique, multipurpose and innovation - and this item definitely lives up to its name. Wear it as a bracelet or place it on your handbag's strap to dress it up. Then, when you need to let go of your handbag but don't want to let it lie on whatever surface is nearby, simply use this handy gadget as a hook. It comes in nearly 50 different looks in a variety of colors and finishes, so there are choices to fit every style. A review on Jenn's Blah Blah Blog praises this accessory, describing it as a stylish bracelet that does a great job securing even a pretty heavy handbag. Jenn brags, "Never again will I ruin my purse."

  • Price: Purchase from from just under $20 to around $25, depending on design selected.

Luxe Link

Self-described as "the ultimate handbag accessory," Luxe Link is a more compact pursehook than the FUMI bracelet. It's not designed to be worn as a bracelet, but it can be used to adorn the outside of your handbag. Not only does this dress up your purse, it keeps the hook within reach for easy use whenever you need a way to keep your purse off the floor. It comes in over 150 designs from relatively simple, elegant choices to very blingy designs done in Swarovski crystals. A review on the Mamikaze blog describes it as "stylish with plenty of bling" and states that it "is a nice way to keep your purse off the floor."

  • Price: Purchase from for around $25 to $80, depending on the design selected.

Key Finder Hooks

Handbag hooks aren't the only kind of hook accessory to consider. If you're tired of fumbling around inside your purse to locate your keys, consider getting a key hook for your handbag instead. These hooks keep your keys stored securely in the same place, doing away with the need to rummage around inside of the bag when it's time to go!

Finders Key Purse

Finders Key Purse® is an easy-to-use hook that will solve the problem of keys that vanish into the abyss of your handbag. As the company's website states, "Just attach your keys to the clasp and slip the Finders Key Purse key finder over the edge of your bag." It comes in over 125 different styles, from college logos and fun designs to express your unique styles and interests (such as cowboy boots and cupcakes) to elegant shapes decorated with bling. A review on describes this accessory as "wonderful" and as "one product every woman must own."

  • Price: Purchase from for under $10. Prices vary slightly based on design selected.

Rhinestone Key Finders

If you're looking for a purse key hook with a lot of sparkle, consider one of the Rhinestone Key Finders from Hang Accessories. This gadget clips to the side of your purse and has an interior hook on which to hang your keys. This pretty and practical handbag accessory is available in clear, pink, smoked topaz and teal, so you can choose the perfect color (or colors!) to complement your handbag collection.

  • Price: Purchase from Hang Accessories for just under $15.

Purse Trackers

Do you sometimes have trouble keeping up with your purse? There's an app for that - well, an app paired with a device. Even if you aren't in the habit of misplacing your handbag, a tracker could come in handy if you leave it in the ladies' room by mistake or someone else walks away with your it.

TrackR Bravo

TrackR Bravo is a tiny round GPS tracking device, about the size of a coin, that you can place inside or on your purse (as well as other objects) to help you keep track of it. It comes with an item ringer, so with just a push of the button you can cause the device to sound inside your purse, making it easy for you to locate it. You can also set up a separation alert, so that the device will sound if you get too far away from the device - a terrific feature to keep you from leaving your purse behind. You can also install an Android or iOS app that maps the device's last known location, sends you an alert via GPS any time you get within 100 feet of it and lets you know how far away it is. The Crowd GPS feature allows you to utilize other TrackRs in the area to help locate items that are out of range. MacRumors describes TrackR Bravo as "easy to use" and points out that it "fits anywhere."

  • Price: Available from for around $30. Mutli-packs are also available (a two pack is around $50, a 4-pack is around 90 and a 10-pack is about $150).


Woman with Tile and Purse
Tile purse device

Tile is a Bluetooth device that you can pair with an Android or iOS app to help you track and locate your handbag (or other items). Like TrackR, you can easily place it on your purse or inside it. It is square in shape and is also small (though it's not as tiny as TrackR Bravo). It provides you with the capability to ring the device within a 100 foot range. The app's map automatically keeps a record of Tile's last known location, so if you do lose your purse and it's out of range, at least you know where to begin your search. A unique feature of Tile is that you can privately use all the Tiles in the community of users to locate your item if it goes outside of the range of your device. indicates that Tile is very handy for keeping track of frequently misplaced items, though PC Advisor points out that the Bluetooth tracking isn't as accurate as GPS.

  • Price: Order from for $25, or purchase a multi-pack. A package of four is about $70, a package of eight comes in close to $130 and a 12-pack is around $180.

Portable Purse Power

Keeping your phone charged when you're on-the-go doesn't have to be difficult, if you have a portable charging battery stashed away inside your purse. These compact yet powerful charging devices are great accessories to help you stay powered up and in touch, even when you're away from your car or a wall plug for extended periods of time.

Power Wallet

Power Wallet
Power Wallet

With a wallet especially designed to house a phone charger, you can get double accessory duty from a single item! That's exactly what Boutique To U's Power Wallet provides. This stylish and practical accessory has anything you could look for in a wallet, plus charging capabilities. It features outside credit card slots outfitted with a secure strap to keep them in place and away from your phone, which you can store and charge inside the wallet's main compartment (which zips closed). Inside the wallet, there is an open slot for cash or your checkbook, additional credit card slots and a zipper pouch that holds a 2500 mAh battery. A short cable and multiple charging tips to accommodate most smartphones are included. The cable passes through a sealed opening in the zip-up pouch to plug into your phone. There is also a zipper compartment on the outside of the wallet, on the other side from the credit card slots.

Great Handbag Accessories

These accessories add functionality to your purse whether you're carrying a designer handbag or a fashion purse. Choose the handbag accessories that best meet your needs and that fit your overall wardrobe.

Note: The author reviewed a sample of the Power Wallet for review. The decision to include it, as with all other items, was her own.

Must-Have Purse Accessories