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Looking for the perfect new handbag to celebrate a good grade, promotion, or special event, but not sure where to look? Whether you're celebrating, treating yourself to a designer bag, or you're just looking for something affordable, practical, and sturdy, a shopping guide to all the best spots to purchase or borrow bags is the way to go.

Designer Bags

Sometimes only a designer bag will do. There are plenty of places to shop online for them, whether you're looking for something brand new, lightly used, or one you can rent and return for another when you get bored. Keep in mind that not all designer handbags are "luxury" handbags and some brands may be more affordable than you might expect.

Purchasing New Bags

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If you don't have a strong preference between designer and less expensive bags as long as you find exactly what you need, one-stop shopping on one of the following sites might suit your needs. For example, you may need the perfect red leather satchel and you're willing to pay designer prices, but you don't necessarily need a designer bag to complete your ensemble. These sites have a mix of designer and name brand bags and allow you to narrow down your choices to a very specific handful of bags that fit your specific needs. By having all types of bags available in one place and the ability to fine-tune your search, you can avoid spending hours in pursuit of the handbag you need. Find everything from designer bags with prices well into the hundreds, to budget purses for under $50.00.

  • Zappos.com: When you browse the Zappos website, you'll get a mix of of bags from designers like Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael by Michael Kors, and Cole Haan along with a selection of more affordable styles. You can shop by color, style, price, features, material, and more. Shipping is fast and free no matter what, and you and you have a full year to make your return (also free). Depending on which bag you want, you may be able to get quite the discount from department store prices.
  • eBags.com: This is a huge handbags retailer with a mix of designer and name brand bags in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When you shop with eBags, you'll find styles from The Sak, Tignanello, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Fossil, Rebecca Minkoff, and more. Narrowing it down to exactly what you're looking for is a breeze. Search by sales, top picks, new arrivals, color, ratings, size, brand, features, material, use, and trend. It's a Google-trusted store with an A in shipping as well as service. The site offers free returns and a price guarantee. If you become a member, you'll get exclusive offers and find out what's new before everyone else.

Compare Prices and Educate Yourself

When you find the bag you think you want, be sure you check out several different stores and websites to find the best price. Don't forget to take promo codes, shipping prices, and even Ebates.com offerings when you're making your decision. If you're purchasing a designer bag from a dealer you're not sure about (on eBay, for example), be sure to educate yourself so that you don't pick up a replica instead of the real thing. Always check the return policy and never hesitate to contact a store or seller to ask a question before you make a purchase.

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Handbag Stores and Websites