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Rose Wheeler
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The height of luxury in the world of handbags has to not only include an on-trend look, but also high-quality leather that feels like butter to the touch. The right grain quality, leather source, and bag structure can add up to a heavenly smooth texture. Find some of your best bets for today's softest leather handbags below.

Laurel Dasso (Tote or East West Bag)

Don't be afraid to try out some more unconventional leathers. One top example is this slouchy yet durable tote (starting at about $355) is made from goatskin. In fact, lambskin and goatskin tend to produce that soft, supple feel associated with high quality. This line has many positive reviews on Etsy. One reviewer says: "My softest bag thus far… the most amazing goatskin. Slouchy and wonderful. For me there is no comparison in the feel of this leather…"

Another raved-about option is the East West Bag. A larger handbag that past customers have ordered in leather like calfskin, python, and ostrich. Reviewers praise the soft, supple leather and high quality.

These unique, made-to-order bags have that extra attention to detail and the added perk of being handmade, all but ensuring a sense of real quality as the hands that make them also select and feel each hide.

Chanel Lambskin (Large Classic)

With the combination of the Chanel brand and the innate softness of lambskin, this is a surefire win. Being very high end, they are a bit pricey (this particular black bag runs about $5,900), but they truly are investment pieces. Chanel is a classic, so resale value on this large handbag is high, and the true softness of lambskin is also surprisingly resilient, as long as it's not in your daily rotation. (For something a little more durable, the grained calfskin is still soft, but much stronger and scratch resistant.)

According to Chanel devotees, "the lambskin is very soft. It feels extremely smooth and dainty to the touch. It gives Chanel bags a more luxurious and rich feel…" Fashion blog Fashion for Lunch describes the leather of this bag as "soft, smooth, supple and perfect" and style blog Sassy Red Lipstick says that the lambskin leather of this bag is striking in comparison to other leathers.

Cole Haan (Loralie Line)

Across the board, Cole Haan has been garnering rave reviews for being affordable yet surprisingly soft. The Loralie handbags have an innate structure, too, making them utilitarian and long-lasting. A common phrase among reviewers is that the leather is like butter, and one reviewer says: "The leather on this bag is so soft… [and] looks very expensive." According to Cole Haan bag owners on The Purse Forum, the brand itself is notable for its beautiful, soft, and supple leathers, as well as being a good value for the cost.

The bags offer both smooth and grained leather, without ever sacrificing on that buttery feel. The Loralie line is an affordable style (all bags hover around $400) with a variety of neutrals to ensure you will get your money's worth with every outfit.

Deadly Ponies (Mr. Leopard Bag)

Another proponent of out-of-the-ordinary leathers, Deadly Ponies crafts their bags with New Zealand Deer Napa leather, which is not only recognized for its supple handle but also its incredible durability. The Mr. Leopard, costing just under $600, is a versatile medium sized bag, available in black or brick, that never sacrifices on shape for comfort or affordability.

Handbag lovers have declared this line to be among the softest leather bags they've ever touched. Not only are they more affordable than a Chanel, they are garnering a bevy of celebrity fans including Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, and Lorde. Deer leather brings the function to the party while also boasting that high end, supple feel.

Bottega Veneta (The Lauren)

Long renowned for their buttery leather, Bottega Veneta offers a wide array of fine leather bags that have quite the devoted following due to the softness of their materials. In particular, The Lauren, recently released as a 1980s throwback with a candy-colored array of hue choices, is a clutch that is an absolute joy to, well, clutch.

Ironically, one reviewer says: "I didn't really need reviews to tell me that I loved it, because I held the bag in my hand, felt the soft leather, and was in love." Others have also described the entire luxury line as "smooshtacular" because the bags are "soft [and] so durable." If you're looking to splurge on a pop of color, this bag (about $2150) is the way to go.

Linea Pelle (Hunter Collection)

Made from genuine natural shrunken Italian leather, Linea Pelle offers up quality feel at incredibly affordable prices (typically up to around $500, with most bags in this collection starting at just under $100). One handbag enthusiast says how "amazingly soft the leather" in Linea Pelle bags, and an owner of the Hunter Hobo describes the leather as "soft and smooshy."

With their slouchy hobos, each piece maintains the same, supple feel and more than delivers on getting your money's worth. It's no wonder this brand's name turns up again and again on review boards looking for truly soft purses.

Longchamp (Mademoiselle Longchamp)

When a review starts off saying a bag is "made of butter-soft genuine lambskin leather" you know you're in for a treat. Longchamp has long been established as a luxury French brand, and there is no sacrificing on quality. Their selected leathers for the Mademoiselle line are flexible, smooth, exquisite, and lightweight - this brand is not only about class but also comfort.

In fact, simply perusing reviews, you are hard pressed to find one that does not make sure to mention the luxuriant feel of the leather. Clocking in at right around $1,200, the Mademoiselle offers a nice choice of neutral colors, with a surprising and delightful blood orange available as well.

Liebeskind Berlin (Detroit)

Even when shining like a star, this leather (metallic or matte) bag delivers on that velvety smooth feel. "The bags are wonderful, especially if you like buttery soft leather," one reviewer writes. This Berlin-based purveyor refuses to skimp on quality or attention to detail or "mooshie soft" leather, and their line is affordable to just about anyone, with the Detroit bag setting you back a mere $228. The old adage about German quality certainly stands up here with this finely made and pleasantly textured brand.

Furla (Club Crossbody)

With a cult following of Furla fans, this affordable Italian brand is constantly recognized for their supple materials. Referred to on occasion as "Furla fabulous," customers love their midrange affordability, range of colors, and constantly quality leather. This structured crossbody (less than $500) comes ready to purchase in all shades of the rainbow.

One reviewer says that "the quality of the leather" makes Furla her first choice of bags, and another Furla reviewer notes, it is "super soft and nice to touch, almost velvety." While not as well-known a brand as, say, Michael Kors, these bags actually offer up softer quality leather for a far lower price point.

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Whether you're seriously in the throes of new purse purchasing or indulging in a little window shopping, there are plenty of soft leather options available, from smooth-textured working-class heroes to elegant special event bags of buttery softness. There's a luxury leather handbag out there for any woman.

Softest Leather Handbags