Pink Feather Handbag

pink feather
Add drama with feathers.

A pink feather handbag is not your everyday purse. Much more attention-getting and unusual than a standard bag, there are times when you might want to flaunt a fun, feminine pink bag with feathers.

Pink Feather Purse Styles

Like most bags, if you are looking for a specific feature, such as feathers, you can find a range of different shapes, styles and designs. Pink bags decorated with feathers come in a variety of styles, some with subtle feather designs, and others with more ostentatious, look-at-me designs.

Styles you may find include:

  • Totes or bags with embroidered feather designs
  • Small tote style bags or purses with pink feather trim
  • Handbags covered entirely with feathers
  • Pink clutches or evening bags with feathers
  • Small handheld bags in pink with feathers
  • Bags with feather prints

Other elements may also be added to the bag design, such as crystals, beading, or embroidered accents.

pink breast cancer awareness bag


Although synthetic feathers are most common among these bags, some designers and artisans do incorporate the use of real peacock or ostrich feathers. Be aware that the price for bags with real feathers will usually be much more than those with faux feathers. Materials used on these bags typically include canvas, cotton, chenille, organza, or satin.


You can find these bags in several colors, including:

  • Pale pink
  • Rose
  • Blush or nude
  • Hot pink or fuchsia

How to Wear a Pink Feather Handbag

Can you pull off this unique bag style? If your personal fashion sense is eclectic, artsy, or unusual, and you have a habit of carrying bold funky handbags, this type of purse will blend well with your style. Hot pink or fuchsia will be especially eye-catching if your fashion vibe is an outgoing and attention-grabbing one.

If your style is a bit more on the conservative side, there are still occasions when you might want to wear a pink bag adorned or decorated with feathers. A lighter pink will be a bit more feminine but still full of flair.

Casual Wear

You can wear this handbag look appropriately when shopping or out to lunch at a casual restaurant or to informal weekend activities and outings. The bag will lend a unique, fun punch to your look and provide a nice contrast with a casual clothing ensemble.

Dressy or Evening Wear

You can also pull off a pink-colored feather clutch or bag for a dressy or evening event, but because the bag itself can be so flamboyant, it will take a little thought to choose the right one. If your dress or outfit is very flashy, a bag like this can be overkill. If your apparel is more on the simple side, you can pull it off and allow the bag to be the showpiece. The pink in the bag should not match your clothing exactly; instead, look for a color that complements or works in harmony without being exact.

If you are striving for sophistication, a simpler style, such as a paler pink design decorated with a few feather accents, can look very elegant. A dress that is slightly dramatic can also work with this type of bag. Look for a style that has drama but is not over-the-top.

Other Uses

Other ways you may want to consider using this type of bag are for use in the closet or dressing area to store items, such as a special item of lingerie or stockings. A small bag could also serve as a cute doorknob bag in a bedroom or bath.

For a larger style, consider making the bag a spa kit or bag. A fun pink color and feather design shout luxury. Fill the bag with pampering items such as bubble bath, a scented candle, a favorite lotion scent, and a good book or magazine. This could make a great gift bag as well.

Kids' Pink Feather Purses

pink girls' feather purse

Little girls love to dress up and add cute accessories and fun purses. Many companies make tiny, pink bags embellished with feathers perfect for the little princess in your life. In addition to using a bag like this for dress up, she can also use it to house her girly 'essentials' such as lip balm, a small coloring book and crayons, and a juice box or small snack.

Where to Purchase

Although you may find pink feather bag selections in some department stores, this is more of a specialty item and can take a little legwork to find the right one.

  • Check small boutiques and handbag artisans' web sites and shops. Etsy might be your first stop - you'll find hundreds of handbag designers offering unique purses or willing to create a custom bag with feathers.
  • Bridal shops often have cute purses in feminine designs, so that is another venue to check. Advantage Bridal, for example, offers cute white bags embellished with pretty pink feather trim.
  • For a canvas or casual bag with a pink feather print or design, check Zazzle's tote selections. Another option for a fun or funky casual bag is a costume shop. Costume stores may carry feather bags to go with diva, pop star, or other glamor costumes.

Shopping for Kids' Purses

For little girls' purses, check toy stores and the toy department of department stores. You'll find these purses located in the section with dolls and dress up supplies.

Another option for children's purses is to check dance shops or children's clothing shops. Sophia's Style, for example, offers a cute black dance tote with bright pink feather trim.

Make Your Own

If you can't find what you want, a simple clutch, tote, or handbag can be transformed with the use of pink feathers. Inexpensive faux feathers are sold at most craft stores. You can embellish your bag with fur trim or cover it in feathers. This guide from Green Wedding Shoes offers steps on how to make a feathered clutch. Whether you purchase or create your own pink feather handbag, this is one unique accessory that is sure to stand out.

Pink Feather Handbag