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Top Rated Luggage

Naima T. Fleming
luggage at airport

About 60 percent of travelers chose durability as one the most important luggage attributes, according to Consumer Reports. Having durable luggage is important to most travelers, but many also want pieces that are easy to manage, have great features, and have a style that suits their tastes. These brands are trusted leaders in the luggage market and offer a variety of options for today's travelers.


When it comes to luggage with a stellar reputation, Samsonite leads the pack. According to The Luggage List, Samsonite is the best luggage for the shoppers looking for great quality on a modest budget. The brand carries hard and soft cover luggage, garment bags, totes, backpacks, and duffles for all aspects of traveler's pursuits. Within the Samsonite lineup, a favorite is the Omni hardcover luggage line (ranging from about $130 to $180), which are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate material. Luggage in the Omni collection comes in a burst of bright colors such as pink, red, and teal as well as dark solid colors such as black and navy, with sizes including 20, 24, and 28 inches. Whether you are a frequent traveler who is interested in hard cover suitcases or looking for styles that are soft and expandable, Samsonite carries a great variety of individual luggage styles and sets that run between $80 and $500.

Briggs & Riley

While some choose to check all their bags when traveling, there are many who take a carry on bag. According to national research done by Consumer Reports, the Briggs & Riley brand scored higher than most for carry-on suitcases. A best bet is the International Carry-On Spinner, which is designed for effortless navigation and has a durable polycarbonate case, and is named as a top choice in carry-on luggage by Travel and Leisure.

Praised for ease of packing and carrying, as well as durability, the brand has a great selection of weekend bags, garment bags, toiletry bags, and luggage in addition to their carry-on styles. There are eight different luggage collections from the brand. Luggage options include products made from materials such as nylon, nylon twill, polycarbonate, and Tartex™. Some of the interesting design features of the luggage include bag expansion, Smartlink™ straps, and interlocking handle systems. Those looking for luggage in subtle colors will be pleased with the earth-tone palettes from the brand. Whether you are going for a short trip or something longer, there are many bags within the Briggs & Riley brand ranging from duffles for around $170 to wheeled wardrobe bags for about $730. Briggs & Riley also has a lifetime guarantee on their products.


Want to prevent your clothes from wrinkling on your next trip? The Street hails the Tumi Alpha 2 Carry-On 4 Wheel Garment Bag as the Cadillac of garment bags. Widely known as one of the most exceptional luggage brands on the market, Tumi bags are durable, secure and well-designed. Luggage shoppers can expect to find an assortment of styles such as garment bags, carry-ons, duffles, satchels and large suitcases. Made of polycarbonate, soft carbon fiber and FXT™ Ballistic Nylon® fabric, bags from Tumi come in colors ranging from brights to neutrals with costs varying from around $400 to over $1,000. Those who want to add a personal touch can get their Tumi luggage monogrammed.


Founded in 1898, the brand Rimowa became a global success in the 1930s. Fast forward to years later, and the luggage brand is among the top favorites of celebrities according to Travel and Leisure. Rimowa is known as the first suitcase with grooves, a design feature that makes the luggage distinctive to this day. Suitcases range in sizes from small to extra large, with 13 collections. Luggage comes in a variety of colors and is made of either aluminum or high tech material polycarbonate. Rimowa suitcases range in price from approximately $500 to about $1,400.

One favorite among the brand is the Rimowa Salsa Air (about $500, available in six shades), which gets a five-star rating on and is praised for being lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. One of the latest design features of Rimowa bags that is quickly becoming a favorite are the electronic luggage labels that allow travelers to check in their luggage from anywhere and drop it off at the airport quickly.


Victorinox makes luggage that is practical, affordable, and good quality. Travel website rates the Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner suitcase by Victorinox a nine out of ten. The bag is lightweight, made of polycarbonate and can easily be pushed or pulled while making a dash for your flight. As a bonus for the traveler working on the go, there is a quick access laptop compartment available. Bags in the Victorinox luggage family are made of durable materials including ballistic nylon and polycarbonate. Victorinox sells carry-on bags, duffle bags, and large suitcases with TSA-friendly locks. They are available in warm tones as well as a few bold colors and range in price from about $240 to just over $500.


The luggage company Travelpro has been around for decades, and happens to be the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers. After testing over 30 bags from various luggage brands, The Wire Cutter found the Travelpro Platinum Magna 2'22" Expandable Roll Around Suiter (about $250) to be a top option in wheeled luggage, praising its sleek style and quality for its cost. There are also 11 collections from the Travelpro brand, with items available in a range of colors from basics to bold hues.

Flexible pricing is available no matter what your budget is, with costs ranging from about $40 to just under $400 at the Travelpro Outlet or from about $200 to $600 at department stores such as Macy's. A stand out feature of Travelpro luggage is their construction. Cloth bags are designed with a water and stain-resistant coating, and hard luggage is made with ChromaShift polycarbonate that is durable and scratch-resistant.


Since its launch in 1877, Hartmann has been carving its legacy as a luxury luggage brand. According to A Tale of Resale, the quality of Hartmann luggage is second to none, and even older bags have a high resale value because of their durability. The Luggage List also highlights the quality of the brand, stating that the average user rating of Hartmann customers is 4.5 to 5 stars. Today, Hartmann has nine collections which include duffles, carry-ons, and large suitcases made of various materials including nylon, lightweight polypropylene, and polycarbonate. The price of Hartmann luggage ranges from around $135 to about $1500. Whether you want a neutral-tone piece of luggage like beige or black or something more vibrant like purple or red, there are many bags styles in various colors.

Style and Quality

If you have found yourself hurriedly trying to make your flight with frumpy luggage why not consider an upgrade? Many of the styles listed above offer durability, security and many sizes suitable for your traveling needs. One of the great things about investing in a quality piece of luggage is the comfort in knowing that your purchase will be beneficial for years to come as you travel to any destination.

Top Rated Luggage