Cute Quilted Duffle Bags

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Cute quilted duffle bags have many unique features that make them a favorite with college girls, busy women, moms on the go and teens. If you haven't taken a look at quilted bags lately, you may want to check out some of the newer, more modern designs. Vera Bradley isn't the only quilted bag offering in town. You'll also find quilted duffles from designers like Stephen Joseph and Chanel.

Advantages of Attractive Quilted Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are perfect for overnight trips, carrying sports equipment and trips from college to home and back again. Just a few of the unique features of quilted duffle bags include:

  • Wash 'n' Go: Cloth duffle bags are fairly easy to clean. A quick wash on the gentle cycle will get off most dirt and grime. Most owners of these quilted duffles prefer to let them air dry to prevent any shrinking and wear on the material, but in a pinch they can be tumble dried as well.
  • Monogram Mania: Because they are made of cloth, most of these bags can be personalized with embroidery. A first name, a last name or a set of initials adds a special touch. The ability to personalize a quilted duffle makes this the perfect item to give as a gift. If you're uncertain what to give that high school graduate who is going off to college, a quilted duffle bag is an easy choice that the student will use for years to come. Each time she pulls out the bag to pack for home, she'll remember your kind gift.
  • Cost: Because quilted duffles are typically made from cloth, they are much cheaper than a leather duffle bag or a harder material. If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you may even want to try making one of your own out of scraps of material.
  • Durability: Just because these bags don't cost a fortune, don't be fooled. Quilted bags are typically quite durable and will hold up to repeated abuse and washings before giving out.

An attractive quilted duffle can show off team spirit when used for sports, be easy to identify, and add a fun splash of color and pep to any outfit. They are a fun way to tote larger items that might not fit in everyday handbags, and they are a prettier and more feminine bag style than traditional duffles.

Types of Cute Quilted Duffle Bags

There are many differnet types of duffle bags available in quilted styles. What makes them cute? With feminine colors, pretty patterns, and special accents like bows or rhinestones, designers are taking a traditionally functional and sporty bag and taking it to a whole new level. Aspects of quilted duffles that make them more adorable than their basic gym bag cousins include:

Shapes and Sizes

Cute quilted duffle bags are often a bit smaller than their sports-minded polyester or nylon blend counterparts. While some athletes use quilted duffles to carry their equipment, you're most likely to see a quilted duffle bag on the arm of a dancer, cheerleader or runner. The items needed for these sports are often lighter weight than say a football helmet and shoulder pads and take up less room. Duffle bags can come in small, medium, large or extra large sizes. The shapes can vary considerably. Smaller sizes and more choice in shape mean cute optionsd in these duffles. Some shapes include:

  • Cylinder shaped: Similar to the rucksack used by military men, this shape of duffle is long and tube-like.
  • Rectangular: Larger duffles tend to have a rectangular shape, pockets on either short end of the rectangle and a zippered top
  • Tote shaped: Smaller duffles may be shaped more like a tote bag with two hands and a zippered top.

Colors and Patterns

Traditional nylon duffles tend to come in one or two basic solid colors. However, a quilted duffle can come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Popular color combinations for women's and girls duffles include everything from versatile pink and brown to a cute rainbow of pastels. In terms of patterns, there is a hige range of fun and adorable looks. You'll find:

  • Star quilt patterns
  • Stripes
  • Plaid
  • Polka dots
  • Neon colors
  • Zebra print
  • Cheetah print
  • Floral
  • Holiday prints
  • Cartoon characters

Where to Buy

You can purchase these bags in the handbag sectionat most department store, but they are also available at many handbag shopss,, luggage store and specialty gift retailers. Consider:

  • Whitney Caroline Designs: This site offers many items that can be monogrammed, including a range of cute quilted bag styles with fun bow accents. Quilted collegiate style bags are availabel, too.
  • The Pink Monogram: This bag and gift store offers an adorable animal print duffle in a quilted style that can be personalized.

There is no limit to the different shapes, colors and sizes duffle bags come in. The only thing left to decide is which cute style is right for you.

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Cute Quilted Duffle Bags