Corrente Handbags Interview

Corrie Humble
Corrie Humble

This interview takes a look at the exciting line of Corrente leather handbags created by designer Corie Humble. This small handbag label is an all American made product that is based in Brooklyn, New York. The bags are comfortable enough to carry all day and even into the evening hours.

About Corrente Handbags

Corrente Handbags

LoveToKnow (LTK): For a fairly new company (started in 2007) you have been very successful. You've even had a couple of major retailers pick up your bags. Would you tell us more about that?

CH: Every year has been a new adventure with new friends and collaborators, and I have been very lucky to work with talented people, who have helped Corrente grow. Last year we were apart of Hayden Harnett's showroom, The Collective, that is how Anthropologie and Nordstrom found us.

LTK: You are located in Brooklyn and use mainly local suppliers. How does this enhance the quality of your handbags?

CH: Luxury goods made in China are precisely perfect, the quality is great, and they can do it cheaper. They do it better than us. But there is a disconnect from what we buy and who makes it, a loss of uniqueness, and all the little quirks in a handcrafted bag make them special, no two can be exact. The inconsistencies are what make a bag more beautiful!

All of the suppliers I buy from are locally based, I know them, they are my friends, and I am helping their businesses succeed by purchasing from them. They in turn are able to hire employees, who earn a liveable wage and go out in their own communities to support other local businesses.

LTK: You are currently at the Grand Central Holiday Fair. What is this fair and how does it allow you to show off your designs?

CH: The gift fair is an amazing assortment of small businesses each with its own unique story and unusual quality gifts that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Grand Central Gift Fair is a great reminder about the importance of buying small and local. There are thousands of people through Grand Central daily, participating in the show has been tremendous exposure.

A Closer Look at the Handbags

LTK: I spent some time looking at some of your fabulous bags. Almost all of them have pockets on the outside. Any reason for this feature?

CH: Requirement. Cell phone, keys. For most women an outside pocket is a necessity.

LTK: Tell us a little about the fabric you use on the inside of your bags. No black for you, right?

CH: A lining is the surprise inside. I like to have light, bright linings so you can find all of your things, and plus it's just more fun.

LTK: Your Imperfect Geometry Line has these square handles and really bold patterns. The red is particularly striking. What inspired this collection?

CH: I was inspired by formal artists like Frank Stella, the boldness of art deco, and the daring of Coco Channel.

The Future of Corrente

LTK: You just launched your online store. What else can fans expect from Corrente in the near future?

CH: In January, I always wonder what is going to happen in the year to come, and in December I am always surprised by the results. Let's see what this year brings.

LTK: Your operation is still fairly small, allowing your bags to have a real unique, one-of-a-kind flavor. As your business grows, how will you maintain this aspect of Corrente?

CH: I would like to step that aspect up a notch, I would like to do more made to order and custom bags, and still have all the signature styles.

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The high quality materials and leathers mean the Corrente is a bag that will hold up well to the daily abuse of sitting on the floor, being slung over the shoulder, and being tossed onto the backseat of your car. To se learn more about Corrente, view the the full line of current and past Corrente handbags, or shop for your bag, visit the official website at:

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Corrente Handbags Interview