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How Much Is a Kate Spade Purse?

Kate Spade New York purse

If you wonder how much is a Kate Spade purse, a simple guide can help. A pricing guide gives examples of what you can expect to pay for a typical Kate Spade purse.

How Much Is Kate Spade Purse Worth?

Compared to other designer purses, Kate Spade purses are modestly priced. In fact, the prices for a Kate Spade purse range from $160 to $400.

Kate Spade Crossbodies

Kate Spade features several choices for a crossbody bag. You can select a small camera bag or top handle bag style. Prices range from around $230 to $280.

Infinite Medium Camera Bag

The Infinite Medium Camera Bag features pebbled leather. The camera bag boasts a zip-around closure. The interior has one zip pocket and slip pocket with a snap tab. The exterior has one slip pocket.

  • Strap drop: 22"
  • Size: 5.7"H x 8.7"W x 2.75"D
  • Colors: Horizon blue, black, soft rosebud, pomegranate fruit
  • Price: Around $230

Remedy Small Top-Handle Bag

Remedy small top-handle bag features a shiny Italian pebbled leather. The top handle frame closure opens to reveal a cute polka dot print lining with two interior card slots.

  • Handle drop: 3"
  • Strap drop: 22"
  • Size: 6.75"H x 6.75"W x 3.15"D
  • Colors: Black and pine grove
  • Price: Around $280
Kate Spade Remedy Small Top-Handle Bag

Kate Spade Clutches

Kat Spade clutches come in several designs. Each clutch has a removable chain strap in case you decide to wear it as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Spade Flower Coated Canvas Chain Clutch

The Spade Flower Coated Canvas chain clutch features a snap flap closure. The clutch comes with a removable chain strap. This allows you to wear the clutch as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag if you wish.

  • Size: 5.1"H x 8.6"W x 1.5"D
  • Colors: Natural multi or pink multi
  • Price: Around $200

Party Velvet Cat Clutch

Party Velvet Cat Clutch zip-around closure features smooth leather trim. The interior has three interior card slots for your credit/debit cards and driver's license/ID.

  • Wristlet strap drop: 6"
  • Chain strap drop: 18.5"
  • Size: 6.7"H x 9.25"W x 3.9"D
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $250

Tonight Sequins Clutch

Tonight Sequins Clutch features a framed closure with an optional chain strap.

  • Strap drop: 24"
  • Size: 4"H x 7.25"W x 1.75"D
  • Color: Multi
  • Price: Around $230

Kate Spade Satchels

You may prefer the look of a satchel. Kate Spade features a few medium to small sized satchel perfect for carry, shoulder or crossbody style.

Spade Flower Coated Canvas Casey Medium Satchel

Spade Flower Coated Canvas Casey Medium Satchel is a beautiful zip-top bag made from coated Italian canvas that's trimmed in faux leather. The lining is made of faux micro suede and features a slip pocket with a snap tab, an interior zip pocket and one open slip pocket.

  • Handle drop: 3.75"
  • Strap drop: 18.5"
  • Size: 7"H x 10.25"W x 4.75"D
  • Color: Pink Multi
  • Price: Around $300

Margaux Satchel

The Margaux Satchel has a top zipper closure and is available in medium and large sizes. The satchel features refined grain leather with a faux leather lining. The interior has two slide pockets, and one zipper pocket. The exterior features a pocket on the front and back.

Medium size, colors, and price:

  • Handle drop: 4"
  • Strap drop: 22"
  • Size: 7.5"H x 10.75"W x 4.75"D
  • Colors: Black, black/warm taupe, true taupe, deep cherry, black multi, horizon blue, dusty pickle, or swordfish
  • Price: Around $300

Large size, colors, and price:

  • Size: 9.25"H x 12.5"W x 5.75"D
  • Colors: Black, black/warm taupe, true taupe, deep cherry, black multi, horizon blue, or dusty pickle
  • Price: Around $360

Louise Small Dome Satchel

The Louise Small Dome Satchel is made of soft Saffiano leather and features a zip-around closure. The interior lining displays the spade flower Jacquard fabric. Inside, you'll find a zipper pocket and a snap tab slip pocket. The exterior features a zipper pocket and one magnetic snap slip pocket.

  • Strap drop: 22"
  • Size: 7.5"H x 10"W x 4.3"D
  • Color: Nightcap
  • Price: Around $280

Romy Wicker Medium Top-Handle Bag

Romy Wicker Medium Top-Handle Bag features a wicker purse that's trimmed in smooth Italian leather. When the spade heart twist lock closure is opened, the interior reveals a natural canvas lining. Inside you'll find one interior slip pocket with a snap tab closure and one zipper pocket.

  • Handle drop: 2.75"
  • Strap drop: 20.5"
  • Size: 8.6"H x 9.4"W x 4.75"D
  • Price: Around $360

Kate Spade Shoulder Bags

You can accessorize your outfit with one of Kate Spade's shoulder bags. Choose either the readily recognizable hobo style or an Italian Jacquard shoulder bag. The price for Kate Spade shoulder bags are from $300 to $400.

Roulette Large Hobo Bags

The zip-top Roulette Large Hoho Bag features pebbled leather and faille lining. The interior has a snap-tab slip pocket and one zip pocket. The exterior also has a zip pocket for additional storage.

  • Handle drop: 8.5"
  • Strap drop: 22"
  • Size: 9.8"H x 12.2"W x 4.5"D
  • Colors: Black or blazer blue
  • Price: Around $300

Spade Flower Jacquard Mystery Stripe Medium Shoulder Bag

Spade Flower Jacquard Mystery Stripe Shoulder Bag is a medium sized shoulder bag featuring Italian Jacquard fabric. The purse is trimmed with smooth Italian leather. The interior lining is made of faux micro-suede lining with two card slot. The bag has a magnetic snap flap closure.

  • Strap drop: 22"
  • Size: 6.6"H x 9.4"W x 2"D
  • Price: Around $400

Kate Spade Tote Bags

The Kate Spade tote bags are priced from around $170 to $380. The totes are available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and fabrics/leather.

All Day Large Tote

Kate Spade All Day large tote features cross grain leather with a faux Saffiano leather lining. The open top tote had a dog-clip closure. A detachable wristlet pouch comes with the tote.

  • Strap drop: 11"
  • Size: 11"H x 15"W x 5.5"D
  • Colors: Black, mineral gray, blazer blue, horizon blue, or deep raspberry
  • Price: Around $230

Kate Spade Everything Puffy Large Tote

Kate Spade Everything Puffy large tote is made of nylon and trimmed in smooth leather. The open tote has a dog-clip closure and features a matte lining. The interior slip pocket has a snap tab closure. There's also one interior zipper pocket to keep your valuables safe.

  • Strap drop: 11.5"
  • 13.4"H x 16.5"W x 7.9"D
  • Color: Swordfish
  • Price: Around $200

Everything Puffy Cat Large Tote

Everything Puffy Cat large tote is made of nylon with smooth leather trim. The front of the tote features an embroidered cat. The tote has an open top with a dog-clip closure. The interior gives you storage with a snap tab slip pocket and a zipper pocket.

  • Strap drop: 11.5"
  • Size: 13.4"H x 16.5"W x 7.9"D
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $260

Everything Spade Flower Large Tote

Everything Spade Flower large tote features an open top with a tie closure with a leather spade3 dangle logo. Made from Italian raffia nylon jacquard, the tote features a detachable wristlet pouch.

  • Handle drop: 11.5"
  • Size: 13.4"H x 16.5"W x 7.9"D
  • Colors: Green multi
  • Price: Around $360

Margaux Large Work Tote

Margaux Large Work Tote has an open top and features a center zip divider with interior snap tab slide pockets. The exterior is made of refined grain leather, while the lining is a faux leather. The tote is large enough to carry everything you need for work.

  • Strap drop length: 10"
  • Size: 11"Hx 14.6"W x 5.7"D
  • Colors: Pine grove, warm gingerbread, true taupe, black/warm taupe, or black
  • Price: Around $380

Other Bags Offered by Kate Spade

Kate Spade offers many other items. In addition to typical purse styles, Kate Spade offers other kinds of bags, such as:

Where Can I Buy a Kate Spade Purse?

You can purchase Kate Spade purses directly from the Kate Spade website. You can also purchase Kate Spade purses from Amazon and major retail stores, such as Neiman Marcus and even Walmart.

How Much Is a Kate Spade Purse for Different Occasions?

You can find a Kate Spade purse for various occasions at different price points. The size of the purse doesn't have any bearing on the cost since small mini bags are often just as expensive or more than larger sized purses.

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How Much Is a Kate Spade Purse?