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Handbag Blogs

Pink Handbag

One of the great things about handbag blogs is that you can get the inside scoop on little-known designers, upcoming fashions, what was seen at fashion week and even the blogger's personal preferences about handbags. There are many handbag blogs already out there. Below are some of the top blogs for information on handbags.

Top Handbag Blogs

To choose the top handbag blogs out of the dozens upon dozens of blogs available, three factors were considered.

  • Is the blog updated regularly?
  • Is the information timely and relevant to handbag lovers?
  • Did the blog have anything unique or personal that really made it stand out from the crowd?

The PurseBlog

The PurseBlog features a couple of new articles nearly every day. Those articles mainly focus on designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, but you'll get a sneak peek at upcoming styles to be released around the main fashion seasons of spring and fall. A nice addition to the blog is a purse forum where you can chat with other readers and purse lovers about your favorite designers, styles and get all kinds of purse fashion tips.

The Bag Snob

This blog talks about designer handbags from a tongue-in-cheek, humorous standpoint. You'll still get all the useful information about upcoming lines and the writer's opinion on new bags, but you'll be entertained as you gather this info. The Bag Snob reviews designer handbags. Are you on a budget? You'll find a section for frugal snobs as well to help you save a little on designer handbags or to find the less expensive brands out there.

Celebrity Bag Styles

Have you ever seen a celebrity carrying a handbag and wished you could figure out who the designer is? The Celebrity Bag Styles blog is your one stop resource for that kind of celebrity gossip. You may even discover a few handbags you hadn't considered before. Woven into the commentary about handbags is some juicy celebrity gossip and a biting wit that will make you grimace and laugh at the same time.

Bag Bliss

Designer profiles, the newest trends, and even tips on how to clean your handbag - Bag Bliss covers it all in a daily blog. If you enjoy checking out one beautiful handbag after another, give this blog a try.

Start a Handbag Blog

Is there still information that you don't feel has been covered on these handbag blogs? You might want to consider starting your own handbag blog. Sites like Wordpress and Blogger offer free blogs to get you started as a blogger. Whether you choose to read the handbag blogs of others or you prefer to start your own, blogs are a great place to discover your next favorite handbag.

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Handbag Blogs