Canadian Tote Bags

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Carrying Canadian tote bags is one way to show pride in the country. It's great for adding a shot of color to any look and also makes a suitable accessory for tourists who are visiting or for expatriates who want to keep a little bit of home by their side at all times.

Expressive Tote Bags

Decorative tote bags, like those that feature artwork, symbols or phrases, are perfect for creative expression. Many people choose to show off their country's flag to show pride in their nation. Since the tote bag is, at its most basic, a very functional bag perfect for storing the day's essentials, there is almost no better "vessel" for adding a creative touch to an everyday outfit.

Options in Canadian Tote Bags

If you're interested in toting a bag with a Canadian motif, you can count on finding an abundance of styles. If you happen to live in Canada, you will likely have great luck finding something at the mall. After all, country-specific accessories are most widely available in their home countries! If you don't happen to live there, though, and really want to show your Canadian pride, you need look no further than your computer screen.

With options that range from unique personalized styles to professional styles, there is something for everyone in the vast mix. It boils down to what you're really looking for in a Canadian tote bag:

  • Color: If you love Canada's official red and white colors, you should have no problem tracking down a tote bag that incorporates them in some way. In fact, the great majority of totes do feature this color palette, so it may actually be tricky to choose just one!
  • Flag: The Canadian flag features three vertical stripes that follow a red, white and red pattern. The red stripes on the left and right are slim, while the white stripe down the center is wide enough to accommodate a red maple leaf with eleven points. This is Canada's most prominent symbol, and is found on numerous tote bags.
  • Hockey: Some of the world's most beloved ice hockey teams come from Canada, including the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. Tote bags bearing names, logos and mascots of the teams are readily available.
  • Provinces: Canadians may want to be even more specific and show their pride with a tote bag bearing their home province's name. It's not unusual to spot an "I love Ontario" or "From Quebec" tote bag, particularly in tourist stores.
  • Sports: Even though hockey is by far one of Canada's most popular sports, the country is also home to many other games, including lacrosse, Canadian football and soccer. It is easy to find tote bags bearing names and logos of the most beloved teams.

Where to Purchase

Shopping for Canadian tote bags is actually quite easy even if you're thousands of miles from Canada! The beauty of the Internet is that just about anything can be tracked down. Begin by choosing the type of tote bag you want. If you wish to purchase an already-made bag, you'll have a large selection from which to choose. If you want to custom design something, be prepared to express your artistic side and have some fun!

  • Cafepress: Simply by searching for a "Canada tote" or narrowing it down to something more specific, you'll find thousands of bright, durable tote bags showing love for Canada.
  • Etsy: Etsy is the place to visit if you're searching for a special treasure. Navigate to the vintage section to find Canadian totes from decades past. You never know what you'll come across!
  • Maple Leaf Promotions: Appropriate name notwithstanding, this online retailer specializes in personalized gifts and promotional materials. If you're an artistic type and have a personally designed Canadian motif you'd like to add to a tote bag, this is the place to make it come to life! To begin, simply choose your preferred tote bag and color and email your design to the company. They will then send you a proof to approve or decline. This is a great route to take if you want something completely unique!

When shopping for a Canadian tote bag, it's also a good idea to keep your needs in mind. If you just want a fun accessory to hold your most basic essentials, the sky is the limit! If you're more concerned with quality, though, seek out the sturdier, durable materials and keep the design aspect secondary. Once you've found the perfect bag, you'll enjoy it for years.

Canadian Tote Bags