Zip Top Canvas Shopping Tote

Top Zip Canvas Tote

A zip top canvas shopping tote makes it easy to carry all your items without the worry of anything falling out of the top of the bag. An added bonus? The cute market tote trend means there are dozens of stylish options from which to choose to combine function and fashion!

The Shopping Tote Trend

Many people are choosing re-usable shopping or market totes in today's world. These have many benefits for consumers, and are an easy way to support Green Living. Re-usable tote bags reduce the amount of plastic and paper used to produce shopping and grocery bags, which in turn also yields less trash. In one fell swoop, a simple market tote helps conserve fossil fuels and reduce waste. Not a bad bargain!

Canvas and other types of shopping totes also look great - so you can tote groceries in style and reflect your own tastes. They are also considerably more durable than the flimsy plastic bags often used to bag groceries and the like. Additionally, these totes can be used for many other needs, such as toting library books, an easy overnight bag, and much more.

A Functional Classic: The Zip Top Canvas Shopping Tote

The canvas tote has long been a classic item. Durable, easy-to-wash canvas is a great material for a tote bag. In general canvas has a very casual feel (which makes it perfect for shopping trips), but it is also versatile enough to be dressed up with added embellishments for distinctive flair. Canvas also comes in a range of colors with various designs from bright, fun prints to casually cool styles in single muted hues. Some top handbag designers have even created canvas totes for more upscale versions. The top zipper on a canvas bag is very appealing. While open canvas bags make it easy to stash, grab, and go - items can also fall out of the top when riding in the car or even when carrying if the tote is very full. A top zipper provides a secure enclosure, that combined with the functionality of the canvas, provides a perfect haven for your purchased goods. A top zipper also dresses up a canvas tote a bit and finishes it off for a more polished look - even a plain canvas bag looks a bit sleeker with a top zipper enclosure.

Zippered Canvas Tote Styles

Contrast Canvas Zip Top Totes from Zoom Gear

Top zippered canvas market totes come in a wide range of styles to fit any taste or budget. Small, medium, and large sizes are available in various shapes. Wide square and rectangular bags, slim rectangular bags, and even novelty canvas shaped totes with zippers are sold. Natural canvas is popular, but you can also find colored canvas bags in this style. Here are some of the popular style options:

  • Zip Top Natural Canvas Tote with Contrast Trim: Natural canvas is a subtle, neutral color that goes with anything, and contrasting trim and handles give it a fresh modern feel. Black or red trim offers a city chic-feel, while blues, yellows, and greens give a breath of spring or summer to a natural canvas tote. The Zip Top Canvas Tote Bags from Land's End are a good example of this style - reinforced canvas, sturdy handles, a zippered top, and colored contrast trim make these totes stylish and durable options.
  • Bright Colored Zippered Market Totes: Bold colors are another popular look in zip market totes. Cheery colors like royal blue, cherry red and lime green brighten up a winter's day and meld easily with the brighter colors of the warmer season. The bold red Canvas Zipper Tote by Augusta Sportswear (available at is a great example of a colorful stylish tote that's functional as well.
  • Striped Canvas Zip Top Totes: Striped totes give a fresh feel and add some extra flair. Stripes may be contrasting or within a single color family, such as a range of blue shades. Large hobo-style handbags are sometimes designed in striped canvas, and these can make a cute alternative to the more structured zip tote shopping totes.

Prices and Shopping

You can find re-usable zip top canvas shopping totes at many major department stores, some retailers offering eco-friendly products, and many handbag and luggage stores. You can also find a top zip cute tote bag in canvas from handbag designers like Fendi, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors. Prices range from less than ten dollars for a simple shopping tote to several hundred dollars for a designer style.

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