White Backpack Purse

white backpack type bag or purse

Available in both sleek and sporty styles, a white backpack purse is fresh and functional.

About White Bags

As a light neutral, white bags are a versatile choice. Bright and airy, this color instantly lightens up any outfit. Although most white bags feel less formal than darker neutrals such as black, or dark brown hues, there are some styles that feel more dressy than others, depending on the material and the embellishments. While white bags are perfect choices for spring and summer, white can work well for fall or winter, too.

Wearing a White Backpack Purse

A white sling or backpack purse is primarily an informal style. The light color combined with the laid-back backpack design makes for a bag that is perfectly at home for school, errands and shopping, weekend wear, overn and as a casual carryall. This type of bag can also work in less formal work environments, especially if it's made of leather or another upscale material, rather than fabric.

In spring and summer, canvas or light fabric styles are easy go-to alternatives to standard handbags. In fall or winter, choose leather, wool, or other heavy materials. Once the breezy days of summer are gone, consider a style with chunky hardware and added embellishments that will coordinate well with fall clothing styles, wraps, and jackets.

If you're after a more sporty look, choose a white nylon or canvas backpack bag. Fun prints or contrasting stripes add an even more casual element.


white bag

White slings and backpack bags are available in many of the typical backpack purse styles.

  • Single strap sling bags
  • Rope strap slings
  • Double strap small or mini bags
  • Standard and mid size bags
  • Laptop-capable styles

You'll also find variations in design, from the rounded, zip-top look typical of a standard backpack to sleeker rectangular or triangular designs. The actual hues of white may vary as well, ranging from bright white to cream to nearly beige. When shopping for this color, brands may refer to their white colors in many different terms, such as:

  • Arctic
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Blush
  • Powder
  • Cocobut
  • Pearl
  • Ivory

Some bags are available in a plain white hue, but you'll also find colored accents or combination colors including:

  • Black and white graphic patterns or white with black accents
  • White or cream with pink, teal or blue accents
  • White dotted or floral pattern designs

Where to Shop

You may sometimes find these purses in department store bag sections, but there are also online retailers to consider when making your backpack purse purchase.

Ameribag: Offering a variety of unique sling and backpack-type bags, Ameribag purses are ergonomically designed for health and comfort. Larger bags and mini bagletts are available.

Ebags: Browse the backpack handbag section of eBags and choose by color selection to limit your results to white bags.

Donna Sharp: Shop the Donna Sharp collection for quilted backpack purses in various white and colored patterns.

Baggallini: Shop Baggallini for sleek backpack bags in off-white colors like pale grey and washed tan.

Cleaning and Care

Although the specific cleaning and care instructions for your backpack purse will be shown on the manufacturer's label, women should keep in mind that white is a color that takes a bit more work in the cleaning and care department. Dirt and stains will show up more easily on white material, so make sure to clean your purse regularly and treat stains promptly. Store your purse out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, as sunlight and heat have the potential to cause white bags to yellow.

Crisp yet breezy, white is a fresh color choice in a casual purse like a backpack style bag. With a little styling savvy and the right care, it can be a great alternative to other classic neutrals.

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White Backpack Purse