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Western style leather purse

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Western style leather purses for women may have a durable, rustic leather exterior in common, but there are many designs to choose from. Many bags combine a distinctly western feel with other elements for purses that are as individual as you are. If you love details like tooled leather, fringe, or rugged studs, a western bag is right for you.

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Flirty fringe purse on Amazon.com
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Flirty Fringed Shoulder Bag

Western bags have a rugged feel, but they can also be fun and flirty, too. This embellished leather shoulder bag (just over $100.00) with fringe not only embodies a western feel, but is romantic and feminine as well, thanks to its texture, heart-shaped front flap detail, and soft tan shade.

Black leather bag on Amazon.com
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Black Leather Look

A combination of chromed and tooled embellished leather transforms this large zip top purse from Montana West (around $50.00) into anything but your basic black bag. If you need something that will go with almost any wardrobe choice, but you want your bag to be anything but boring, try a style like this one.

Sak Pax Swing Pack Crossbody Bag
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Cool and Carefree Style

The Sak Pax Swing Pack Crossbody Bag is a lightweight, hands-free option that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns for the lady who loves western style purses. Expect to pay less than $50.00. This option (in any color) is ideal for casual outfits or days when you expect to be out and about for a while and want to keep the essentials nearby without a large tote to carry around.

Justin West Western Leather Laser Cut Rhinestone Handbag
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Colofrul Western Look

A bold color can be a fun addition to any woman's closet. Done in a bright turquoise color with brown details, this western style handbag (about $35.00) adds plenty of personality. There are several color options for this style, so you can go bold with the shade shown here, branch out into other fun, attention-grabbing options like hot pink, or stick with more understated shades like neutral brown or muted gold.

Texcyngoods Premium Leather Fringed Hobo Handbag
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Sexy Fringed Hobo Handbag

What do you get when "western" meets "sexy"? This bag. It's a Texcyngoods Premium Leather Fringed Hobo Handbag with a smooth, sleek look combined with fringe. It is western without the rugged edge and it's perfect for classy ladies with a country lifestyle. Expect to pay less than $50.00.

Concealed Carry Hand Tooled Purse
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Concealed Carry Hand Tooled Purse

For ladies who need a concealed carry purse and like the idea of a matching wallet, this may be your ideal handbag. It's black, so it'll go with almost anything, and there's a handy concealed carry pocket on the side. For the inside, there's a matching black leather wallet, complete with the same floral design. Other colors are also available. Expect to pay less than $100.00 for the bag and wallet together.

Texas West Premium Western Handbag
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True Texas Style

The Texas West Premium Western Handbag ($60.00 or less) is another option that combines the concealed carry design with true western style and a matching wallet. Choose from seven different color options, from brown to turquoise. Two external pockets with flap closures allow you to keep your phone, keys, or favorite lipstick handy, while the zippered pocket on the back is where you can carry your gun.

Texas West Western Ostrich Handbag with Matching Wallet
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Exotic Western Ostrich Handbag

The Texas Western Ostrich Handbag with Matching Wallet (under $60.00) is very similar to the last style, though perhaps a bit less rugged and a bit more exotic. There are pockets inside and out, plus a separate wallet, to make sure you stay organized and have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Montana West Tooled Leather Clutch with Wristlet Strap
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Western Wristlet

Sometimes you don't need a big bag or a place to stash a gun, and you just want something small and easy to carry. The Montana West Tooled Leather Clutch with Wristlet Strap (under $40.00) fits the bill with its beautiful brown exterior and ability to carry just the essentials. When you need a bigger purse, simply remove the wristlet strap and use the clutch as a wallet.

Heshe® New Fashion Western Style Lady Soft Cow Leather Mini Shoulder Bag
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Subtle Western Style

The Heshe® New Fashion Western Style Lady Soft Cow Leather Mini Shoulder Bag (just over $50.00) doesn't scream "western" the way some of the other styles do, but a hint of it is there in the soft cowhide leather and saddle-like shape. This bag will complement blue jeans or dresses.

American West Seminole Collection Soft Crossbody Fringe Bag
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Stylish and Soft Crossbody Fringe Bag

A leather bag is a durable, beautiful choice, and if your style veers toward western-inspired, your choices may seem never ending at times. Start with a dependable brown or black that will hold the basics, like this American West Seminole Collection crossbody fringe bag (between $200.00 and $300.00) featuring buttery soft leather and metallic and turquoise accents, then consider picking up a few more in patterns and bold colors.

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