Weekender Luggage

Weekender Luggage Ideas


Weekender luggage can mean many different things, depending upon how many items you need to take with you on your weekend and how lightly you are able to pack.

You may be able to carry a large handbag or you may need a bit more room and a couple of small bags on wheels.

Kids Weekend Suitcases


If your family is headed out for the weekend, you may want to consider allowing your child to pack for herself. Small suitcases on wheels are the perfect size for little ones to pull along behind them through an airport or parking lot.

Drawstring Bags


If you only have a few items to carry, or you'll be doing some hiking and other outdoor activities, a drawstring bag can be the perfect compliment to your weekend away.

Duffle Bag


If you need a little more space, you may want to consider a duffle bag. If you are able to fold your clothing neatly, you'll find that you have plenty of room for a change of clothes, grooming essentials and even a few extras.

Small, Bright Suitcases


Small, brightly colored suitcases can be perfect for a quick weekend away. Imagine arriving at a cozy bed and breakfast in style with this small red suitcase.

Vintage Suitcases


These days, vintage is almost always in fashion. If you have some old suitcases from Grandma's attic or are able to pick a few up from an estate sale, you'll find that older luggage is durable and has a unique look.

Large Handbags


If you only need a change of clothes and a few other essentials, a large handbag may be all you need to take on your weekend trip. With airlines charging for each piece of checked luggage, carry ons have become more and more popular.

Consider the Location


No matter where your final destination takes you, your luggage can take you there in style. From cute totes to small sporty suitcases, your weekend carryalls can be fun and functional.

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