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Volcom laptop backpack from Volcom.com

Volcom backpacks are edgy, and full of lively, youthful spirit.

Volcom's Popularity

Volcom backpacks have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years, and much of that popularity is due to the skater culture. Skaters pride themselves on their creativity and ability to think outside the box, and Volcom expertly taps into that spirit. Many Volcom bag styles are uniquely equipped with straps to hold skateboards.

Volcom is also quite popular with those that enjoy a whole host of outdoor activities. Coupled with Volcom's youth-oriented culture, it's no wonder that these backpacks enjoy the enormous popularity that they do.

Purchasing Volcom Backpacks

There are several online shopping sites one can visit to find the Volcom backpack that's right for them, including:


Amazingly, even though Volcom has its roots within the counter-culture movement, you can find their backpacks at one of the very bedrocks of fashion- Nordstrom.

There, you'll find the Volcom Full Stone Backpack for boys. This pack sports a screen printed logo and stitching details on an otherwise rugged canvas. A side zip pocket, top handle and adjustable shoulder straps completes the look at $29.00.

Dog Funk.com

Three different Volcom backpacks are available at Dog Funk.com, including the:

  • Volcom Displacement Backpack: Available for $79.00, the rear access padded laptop pocket holds up to a fifteen inch laptop, while the eight separate compartments offers a ton of space so that you can cart your belongings with ease.
  • Volcom Orthodox Backpack: Two colors are available with this backpack, a deep blue, and a light blue. Additionally, there are five compartments and a molded back panel for added comfort. A "600 D" polyester fabric provides greater durability. You can purchase this look from between $50.00 to $52.00.
  • Volcom Phyllis Backpack: Wildly colorful, with a black and white checkered print, this bag is just large enough for one's essentials. There is also a water bottle pocket, so you can tote your favorite beverage along as well. Available for $42.00.

For the Ladies

  • Volcom Ladies Backpack: Ladies, this backpack is available in comet black, and it features the circle stone appliqué on the front of the bag and a stone screen print on the shoulder front. An exterior front pocket and a mesh zipper pocket at the back of the main compartment completes this $47.77 look.
  • Volcom Ladies Backpack Showbox: The Showbox, done in a bright blue, is a very attractive bag. Actually, describing the color as bright blue is a bit of a misnomer, as the bag is actually a combination of magenta, black, and blue. The very popular circle stone appliqué is prominently featured on this $39.99 look.

For the Boys

  • Cruiser Black Stripe: As the name suggest, there are prominent black, and white, strips that streak across this $59.99 style.
  • New Standard Black: This tongue in cheek name does not describe a black bag. Instead, the backdrop of the bag is black, but the canvas that colors it is a bright mix of blue, yellow and red. You can expect to pay $47.99 for this particular style.
  • Orthodox Cayan Blue: This bag is slightly different from the others as it has a quilted fabric look to it. Even so, the dual color "motto stone" appliqué and five separate compartments makes this $49.99 look a standout.

Learn More About Volcom

You can learn even more about Volcom by visiting the company's official website. There, you can browse through images of clip art, flip through the brand's clothes, join the Volcom community, or even participate in contests. All in all, if you love the Volcom brand, this can be a great site to visit.

Putting It All Together

Volcom makes backpacks that have a distinctive bent towards the youth and skater community, but that doesn't mean that others aren't welcome. Coupled with the fact that you can be a part of this counter culture movement, by way of social networking sites, why not investigate even further? You just might find a style you like.

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