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Vintage Going to Grandmas Suitcase

going to grandma's suitcase

Made popular in the 1950s and 1960s, this little suitcase was an item to be treasured by many children. Using it meant packing for a special night at Grandma's house. Little boys and girls would tuck their pajamas, toothbrush and a change of clothes into their own small bag. Many baby boomers are in search of this bag for the fond memories it can bring.

Where to Find Going to Grandma Suitcases

Although these suitcases are hard to find, they are occasionally listed online at auction sites such as Ebay and antique sites such as Ruby Lane. Frequently, antique and vintage clothing shops will get on in from time to time. To ensure you score one as quickly as possible, contact retailers that specialize in these goods and ask to be notified if one comes available. Some sources to potentially find one in include:

  • Gone Funky features numerous collectible items, including vintage luggage. Their stock changes frequently, so check back often.
  • Etsy is a large community of different shops, many of which carry vintage items. Search all the shops at once and select "vintage" as your category to get the best results.
  • Bonanza is a community of shops that features everything from new to handmade and vintage. Search by category or keyword to find the suitcase you're after.
  • Antiques Cove offers antiques and collectibles from several decades. They frequently carry vintage suitcases of all sizes and styles, including Going to Grandma's styles.
  • Svpply is a unique way to shop. Register for a free account and search products or look at other people's wish lists for help finding the right item.

Other places to look for these vintage suitaces are antique shops, flea markets and garage sales.

Types of Going to Grandma Suitcases

The most popular colors of a Going to Grandma's suitcase of the time were red and blue. These adorable overnight travel bags are hard sided with a shiny fabric lining and a latch closure. There are also Going to Grandma suitcases, from the 1970s, that are made from vinyl and are soft sided with a double zipper closure. Each vintage suitcase has a design of a young boy or girl along with the words Going to Grandma's. Below are brief descriptions of several of these vintage children's suitcases:

  • A light blue suitcase that has a picture of smiling young boy wearing a blue and red striped shirt and blue pants. He is carrying a blue suitcase walking down a path with his dog. The white path has bright green grass and yellow flowers on the side and there are fluffy white clouds in the sky.
  • A red suitcase with a picture of a little girl wearing a yellow coat carrying her teddy bear and a little red suitcase. She is walking in front of a white picket fence.
  • A red suitcase with a young girl wearing a pleated blue skirt and a yellow sweater with a red stripe. She is carrying her school books and a red lunch box. The girl is walking in front of a white picket fence with green grass and yellow flowers in front of it. There are white clouds in the sky.
  • A red suitcase with a little girl with pig tails wearing white pants and a yellow shirt with a yellow bow in her hair. She is standing in front of a white picket fence and playing with her little dog.
  • A deep blue suitcase with a little boy dressed as a train engineer wearing blue and white striped overalls and a blue and white cap. Around his neck is a red neckerchief and he is holding a red lantern in his hand. Next to him is little locomotive on a track.
  • A soft sided suitcase from the 1970s has a picture of small boy wearing a blue and white baseball cap, a blue shirt and white jeans. He is holding a teddy bear in his arms.

Most of the Going to Grandma's suitcases that are of a vintage era measure 13"x10"x 5" and were made by the Mercury luggage company.

Possible Uses of Your Vintage Going to Grandma's Suitcase

Going to Grandma suitcases are highly sought after by collectors and decorators. They make lovely display pieces and are often used as a decorative accessory in a child's room. Many women, young and old alike, enjoy using this novelty suitcase as a make up case or as a special handbag for a night on the town. It is also a great place to store small items or to use as a sewing box. Some people that are good at crafts have even turned these little suitcases into unique cases to carry their laptops.

Create Some New Memories

Whether you want to score one of these suitcases for yourself, or for a grandchild of your own, there is no denying that vintage suitcases have appeal. From the colors to the history, let a vintage Leaving for Grandma's suitcase add some charm to your life.

Vintage Going to Grandmas Suitcase