Travel Purses with Organizer Compartments

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Travel purses with organizer compartment are ideal for vacations and business trips. That's because they keep everything you need neatly organized and easily accessible.

Purses Designed for Travelers

When most people travel, they tend to do a lot of walking around the places they are visiting. Knowing that you're going to be on the go all day long (and sometimes all night long) the last thing you want to lug around is a big, bulky handbag. By the end of the day, it will feel like you've been hauling around your luggage for eight hours. The perfect solution for this bulk handbag dilemma is an organizer compartment purse.

Travel organizer compartment purses have to be made from sturdy materials like leather or nylon because they need to stand up to a good amount of wear and tear. Delicate silks or lightweight cottons will not do for these bags. Here are some other features of these organizer bags designed specifically for travel:

  • Multiple interior pockets - The various interior pockets have separate closures, either a zipper or a snap, to keep everything organized and to also prevent anything from falling out of the pockets. These separate closures may seem like a bit of a pain in the beginning, but the definitely prevent your lipstick from getting all over your passport or travelers checks.
  • Adjustable strap - These bags come with a generously adjustable strap so you can wear it over your shoulder or sling it around your shoulder diagonally across your body. Some women like to wear their handbags like this because it provides greater protection against thieves.
  • Multiple exterior pockets - These pockets are great for carrying items like lip balm, sunscreen, cell phones and sunglasses.
  • Removable coin purses - Removable coin purses are so convenient because they provide easy and fast access to coins that would otherwise get lost in the bottom of your purse. You're more likely to use the coins if they're easy to get at and you don't have to go on a treasure hunt in the bottomless abyss of your purse.
  • Built in wallet - A built in wallet is great for a lot of different reasons, the first being that you don't have to haul out all of your cash, credit cards, identification and travelers checks every time you go to pay for something. This is an added safety feature because if a thief grabs your wallet while you're holding it out of your purse, you lose everything. If you're just pulling out cash, one credit card or one travelers check, that's all you are going to lose. Anyone who has ever had their purse stolen knows that it feels like you've lost your whole life and also knows how much of a pain it is canceling credit cards and replacing identification cards.

Where to Shop

If you don't want to trudge around all over town to find the perfect travel handbag to fit all your needs, here are a few online stores in which you can leisurely browse travel handbags without having to leave your house:

  • eBags - eBags has a wide selection of travel accessories.
  • Amazon - Amazon has a ton of great travel purses made in a variety of different materials at various price levels.
  • Sova Leather - If it's a leather travel handbag you're searching for, check out the selection at Sova Leather.
  • Bag King - This website has a great selection of travel handbags in bright, fun colors in a variety of different materials.

Stay Organized on the Road

Travel organizer compartment purses are definitely a great way to keep everything you need for travel neat, organized and easily accessible. Not only are these purses practical, but they come in so many different colors, materials and styles, that they are practical and stylish.

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Travel Purses with Organizer Compartments