Totes on Wheels Tapestry Pet Designs

Woman pulling a tote on wheels down the street
A rolling tote is a practical choice.

For fans of animals and totes on wheels, tapestry pet designs are a major draw. These fun, whimsical bags are a must for anyone who appreciates the handsome style of a functional tote and the beauty of an artistically rendered animal.

About Totes on Wheels

Anyone who's ever traveled knows how helpful it can be to have a wheeled tote. Heavy packers in particular may benefit from these types of bags. They literally take a load off your back by allowing you to pull or push your tote instead of hoisting it over the shoulder. These helpful bags aren't just for traveling, though. Here are some other reasons to invest in a versatile wheeled tote:


As anyone who has ever dragged several heavy shopping bags through a crowded mall knows, it's a real pain trying to manage that load. A stylish wheeled tote is a great solution if you find yourself in this situation often. Most wheeled totes are tall enough to hold several bags, and will even fit small or medium sized carrier bags without trouble. It's an ideal choice for an elderly individual or someone who has walked the length of the mall and can't fathom the thought of carrying all those bags back to the car!


Some wheeled totes feature an attached laptop case to suit the needs of busy professionals. These types of sets keep accessories, supplies, paperwork and the delicate laptop secure and well protected. This selection is ideal for the modern businessperson who needs more space than the average briefcase or work carryall can provide. One might consider it a mobile office of sorts.


Teachers are fond of wheeled totes because they're so functional and convenient to carry from room to room. They're also ideal for holding all of a teacher's daily essential items, and make it easy to keep everything in one spot.

Airline Crews

Airline crew members often turn to wheeled totes as their go-to travel bag. It allows just a bit more room than the basic carryall, and it offers the crew room for changes of clothes and any other necessities they might require. In addition, they're appropriate to carry on board the plane and are typically designed with lightweight, durable materials.

Totes on Wheels Tapestry Pet Designs for Animal Lovers

Why Tapestry?

Tapestry is a rich, woven fabric style utilizing multiple colors and is often very detailed. This type of tote or bag can truly bring an animal or pet design to life, and offer a unique and stylish look to any woman who carries them. Although often utilized in items such as blankets and wall-hangings, this type of material used in accessories adds a sense of warmth and beauty.

Animal lovers needn't look too hard to find the kind of tote that best shows off their passion. From handbags to totes on wheels, tapestry pet designs show off beautiful, elegant renderings of various forms of animal life. Whether your taste is exotic or more down-to-earth, you won't have any trouble finding a tote that you love. Here are just a few available on the market today:

Sydney Love

Sydney Love's Cats and Dogs Travel Bag on Wheels has a country feel coupled with a chic, unusual shape. Not only is it covered with a cheerful cat and dog print, it's also exceptionally versatile. The attached wheels and extended handle make it easy to push the bag around a crowded airport or shopping mall. The double rolled leather handles give you the option of carrying it on your shoulder or in your hand. Purchase this at eBags.

Horse Gifts

A cute horse bag is a fun way to brighten up a horse aficionado's life. Whether it's for the young one whose messy room could use some extra storage space, or the adult who rides for leisure, these bags are sure to be a hit. Check out HorseGift.

What to Look for in a Wheeled Tote

Besides the aesthetic appeal of a tote, you also want to ensure its additional features are to your liking. Keep an eye out for:

  • Adjustable straps (if you plan to carry it in hand or on the shoulder)
  • Extra secure closing mechanisms (zippers and Velcro or buttons are ideal)
  • Folding feature (convenient if you lack storage space for large bags)
  • Pockets (especially important if you carry small items that are easily misplaced)

Where to Purchase

Depending on the type of pet you favor, you're likely to find the wheeled tapestry tote bag of your dreams. Check out Dog Whimsy for a selection of tapestry pet totes on wheels and other animal-inspired bags.

Totes on Wheels Tapestry Pet Designs