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A thin wallet can work well since they easily slip into a pants pocket without causing discomfort, and they can fit into some of the smaller handbags out there, which is handy if you find yourself carrying a purse for hours a day! Don't let thin wallets fool you though. They can still hold your ID, credit and debit cards, and your cash. The only thing you'll really be missing out on is bulk from extra material and storage space for a lot of heavy, loose change.

Incredible Skinny Wallets

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to these wallets. Unique designs and special features offer comfort, lightweight convenience, and organization in a compact package.

The Allett

The Allett is advertised as the world's thinnest wallet. With a patented side-by-side design, All-Etts eliminate the bulk associated with standard wallets. There is a variety of styles to suit individual needs, including a women's pocket wallet, an executive men's wallet, and traveler and international traveler styles. Expect to pay about $40 to $50.

The Jimi Wallet

The Jimi is a unique, compact wallet made of recycled materials. Available in a variety of colors (there's even a glow-in-the-dark option!), this modern, water-resistant wallet can be worn in the front pocket, slipped easily into a purse, or worn on a lanyard. This one will only set you back about $15.

The Magic Wallet

The Magic Wallet is thin and features a special design system with criss-crossing elastic straps that 'magically' secure money, receipts, or other items in place. There are also additional slots for cards. In addition to the original design, there are Magic Wallets with coin pockets, room for your iPhone, a Minimal Wallet (which doesn't work the same way as the others, but it's very thin), and card sleeves. Most styles are under $40. Keep in mind that prices on the site are in Australian dollars (AUD), but they ship worldwide.

Men's Trim Wallets

Whether a guy needs a wallet that offers a streamlined look to complement executive apparel, or he just hates the weight and inconvenience of a bulky wallet, there are many styles of slim wallets available for men. These come in several materials, designs, and price points to meet various needs. Although men typically carry fewer items in their wallets or bags than women, it's still helpful for men to assess exactly what they do need to carry. Make a list of items that are necessary for you, such as ID, emergency use or company credit card, bank card, spare change, insurance card, etc. If you carry a single or only a few keys, you may even find trim wallet designs that can accommodate them.

Many department stores and online retailers carry thin men's wallets. Both leather wallets and fabric and other materials are available.

Men's Leather Original Front Pocket Wallet
WalletBe Front Pocket Wallet
  • The WalletBe is a handmade designer wallet with vertical styling and innovative features like 10 slim card slots, inner ID sleeve, and elasticized pouch. You'll pay just under $30 for this one.
  • The Front Pocket Wallet from Vermont Country stores is a slim wallet that features an innovative design to mimic the shape of most pocket linings. Its thumb-reach ID feature and small side pocket are also great features. This wallet comes in black and brown. Expect to pay about $35.

Thin Wallets for Women

Women may also want a slim wallet for a variety of reasons. Some women prefer carrying just a wallet rather than a handbag and want something comfortable and light enough for the pocket. Women's wallets may need to fit into a small handbag, or just be small and light enough to keep organized without added weight in their bag. Along with coverless card wallets and bi-fold wallets for women, checkbook and indexer type wallets are also available in thin styles.

Feel Free With a Skinny Wallet

Thin wallets don't hold a lot, but they hold the basics. If you can pare down the items you carry with you on a daily basis, you'll probably find yourself feeling lighter and freer--especially if you're used to sitting on an uncomfortable wallet or carrying around a heavy purse for hours a day. Before spending the money on a new wallet, try cleaning your old one out and carrying the least amount possible in it. This will give you a feel for how thin you can go with your new wallet before you spend your hard-earned cash on a new designer accessory.

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