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The Organizer Wallet

Amy Finley

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have just one, perfect, ultimate, THE organizer wallet to keep all your essentials stored and organized? Well, the ultimate perfect wallet might not exist, but some of the billfold and wallet organizers LoveToKnow Handbags has spotted recently come pretty close. Read on for what makes a great organizer wallet, some top finds, and tips on keeping this handy little accessory functional, organized, and ready for anything.

The Organizer Wallet: Features to Look For

Although everyone has individual needs when it comes to finding the perfect wallet, there are also some general features to look for. A great organizer wallet:

  • Is a comfortable size
  • Offers quick and easy access to the things you need
  • Is large enough to stow things that are essentials, but doesn't waste space for things that aren't
  • Has secured or zippered pouches or compartments for loose change and other small items
  • Has an efficient way to store paper money
  • Has card slots or a place for ID, insurance card, credit card, or other card necessities
  • Is durable enough to resist wear and tear from riding around in a handbag or pants pocket

Now that you know in general what to look for, think specifically about the types of things you want and need in a wallet. Do you carry a checkbook regularly? A framed checkbook wallet organizer might be the organizer wallet for you. Do you need an ultra thin wallet? A money clip or card-case wallet might be the organizing accessory for you. Need something small, functional, and water-resistant? A mini sports wallet might be the perfect find.

List items you usually carry and then think about the features you do and don't like about your current wallet. A snap pouch for change, for example, might be easily accessible, but might become disorganized and allow change to slip out if jostled. A more organized option might be a zippered change compartment.

Top Organizer Wallets

From inexpensive fashion wallets to high-end designer brands, there are hundreds of organizer wallets available. Here are a few that caught the eyes of our LoveToKnow fashion editors:

Kipling Brownie Organizer

The Kipling Brownie Organizer Ladies Wallet, available at ebags, offers a world of function at an affordable price. Made of crinkled nylon for a stylish finish, this wallet offers 12 slip pockets, zippered coin compartments, gusseted open pockets for frequently-used items, and an easy checkbook attachment area.

Anuschka Wallet Organizer on a String

The Anuschka Wallet on a String brings style and organization. With a gorgeous hand-painted exterior, three bill compartments, five card slots, four multi-purpose pouches, zippered coin pouch, eyeglass case and pen holder, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Victoronix Travel Organizer

Travel wallets are some of the most organized and functional styles around, and the Victorinox Travel Organizer is no exception. Its zip-around enclosure keeps items secure, multiple slots and pockets, stash pouches, mesh zippered compartment, and easy-to-grab haul handle make this a great choice for organized travel.

Brighton Emma Organizer

Brighton is loved by many women for their feminine quilted purse and wallet designs and great organizing features. Although many Brighton wallet organizers are popular, the top-rated Brighton Emma Organizer is a great pick. It looks like a small purse, but does double duty as a slim, stylish accessory and ultra-functional wallet. This wallet contains open pockets, card slots, and zip pockets for essential items, slim straps for carrying with ease, and a sleek and feminine exterior.

Leather Organizing Wallet

A style like this sleek black leather organizing wallet from Duluth Trading Company is a must for anyone who carries a PDA. With adequate space for you cell phone, PDA, cash, cards, pen, notepad, and other miscellaneous essentials; this strapped leather wallet just makes sense for busy men or women on the go.

Specialty Wallet Organizers

The organizer wallet you need may require special features. There are various types of wallet organizers that are designed for specific needs, such as:

  • Organizing Wallets for People with Low Vision: Designed with easy to use openings and larger slots, there are several types of wallets made for those with low vision. These may have magnifiers, lighted lenses, make audio noises or beeps, or have unique separated compartments to identify different bills.
  • Medical or Diabetic Organizing Wallets: Diabetics or those taking certain medications may need a medical wallet organizer. These may be designed to enclose pills or insulin supplies and may additionally have pockets of other storage for additional daily necessities.
  • Coupon Wallets: Avid couponers may need a wallet like The Coupon Organizer Wallet that can contain and organize stacks of coupons, house their license, cards, cash, pen, and a few other small essentials for trips to the store.
  • Organizer Neck Wallets: Those that need their hands free due to being differently-abled, handling luggage, needing to have ID shown for employment, or any other reason, may benefit from a neck organizer like the Victoronix Neck Wallet from ebags.

There may not a wallet that serves as the perfect organizer wallet for everyone, but whether you need your wallet organized due to work, travel, special needs, or just everyday life; there are plenty of stylish and functional options to choose from.

The Organizer Wallet