Stylish Carryall Bags for Women

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Finding stylish carryall bags for women doesn't need to be a difficult task. There are any number of fashionable extra large handbags that can be used as a carryall.

Carryall Bags

What is a carryall bag? It is essentially any bag with a large capacity in which you can carry a large number of items. When searching for stylish carryall bags for women, any large handbag can fill the bill, including hobo bags, messenger bags, totes or even a large purse or book bag. The key to finding the perfect carryall is that it has the capacity to hold everything you need to carry while fitting within your budget, taste and fashion sense.

Stylish Carryall Bags for Women

Just because it's big doesn't mean a carryall has to be clunky and unfashionable. Today's handbags make a statement, and a carryall is no different. Most handbag manufacturers and designers now make a variety of large capacity handbags that will perfectly suit your needs for a carryall without sacrificing style.


No matter what your favorite handbag style is, there's probably a large capacity version that will serve you well as a carryall. Some handbag styles that are in fashion that will work well as a carryall include:

  • Totes - These large, casual bags may just be the original carryall. Totes are large, rectangular bags with handles that can be held in the hand or carried over the shoulder. They come in a variety of materials like canvas, straw and even leather. They also come in neutrals or a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns ranging from animal prints to stripes. Totes can be found for all budgets, tastes and styles. Coach has even taken the tote carryall upscale. If this shape of bag appeals to you, then you're certain to find the perfect tote bag to use as a carryall.
  • Hobos - Hobo handbags also make good carryalls. While sizes on hobo bags vary, there are a number of very large capacity hobos that will work perfectly well for this purpose. As a style, the unstructured, slouchy look of hobo bags make this a fashionable carryall choice for casual dress or bohemian chic.
  • Messengers - These handbags, also known as cross-body bags, have grown in appeal over the past several years. This makes them the ideal choice for the style-conscious. The bags are typically large capacity structured bags that are worn across the body, much like a bicycle messenger would carry his bag. Most handbag designers make a variety of messenger or cross-body bags that would be perfect as a carryall. This type of bag would be perfect for business wear and travel.
  • Laptop bags - It used to be that when you thought of laptop bags, you thought of boring, boxy black briefcases. This isn't the case any longer. Since so many people carry a laptop now, laptop bags have become a must have fashion accessory. No longer just boring and black, laptop bags come in a wide variety of colors, materials and patterns for even the most discriminating fashionista. Along with room for a laptop, laptop bags typically have extra storage so that you can carry all of your other necessities, as well. Trendy laptop bags can be found everywhere - from discount and office supply stores like Walmart and Office Depot to upscale handbag purveyors like Nordstrom and Coach.

Where to Find

Almost any shopping trip provides the opportunity to find a stylish and fun carryall. Fashionable bags that will suit this purpose are available at discount retailers like Target, Sears, Kohl's and JC Penney. They are also available from high-end retailers and designers like Sondra Roberts, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and Bloomingdale's.

No matter what your personal aesthetics are, and no matter what your budget is, it's easy to find a stylish carryall bag that will not only please your personal sense of taste, but will also suit your lifestyle.

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Stylish Carryall Bags for Women