Leylani Cardoso of Bolzano Handbags Interview

Yellow Mirabella Bolzano Handbag
Yellow Mirabella Bolzano Handbag

Designer and founder of Bolzano Handbags, Leylani Cardoso, is no stranger to the world of fashion. Versed in global markets, her designs are fresh and sophisticated. With variety of styles to suit different tastes, Bolzano bags are enjoying great success and are quickly becoming a beloved accessory of the stars. Creative and thoughtful, Ms. Cardoso strives to offer incredible designs that don't compromise quality, and she took the time from her busy schedule to give LoveToKnow the inside scoop on her designs, inspirations, and the latest handbag trends!

About the Designer

Leylani Cardoso of Bolzano Handbags
Leylani Cardoso

LoveToKnow (LTK): Please tell our readers a bit about yourself. How did you become interested in handbag designs? Are there any particular influences that led you in the direction of fashion/design?

Leylani Cardoso (LC): (Pictured right, with the Alisse in black)I have worked in the fashion industry for a long time; first as a buyer observing all the tendencies of different markets on a global scale with the travel retail market. It's very interesting to see how different cultures place emphasis on specific elements but every so often there's one item can transcends culture, age, and ethnicity. It is fun finding that item and this is what I have worked to capture in Bolzano.

I felt there was a need to develop a brand that offered style, sophistication and still catered to the needs of the everyday woman. I was sitting outside in a café in Rome and saw a woman stopped at a street light riding a Vespa who was dressed in a suit, wore high heels, had her hair and make up completely done and I thought, now that's style. She did not compromise her style to suit the setting. Bolzano is about not compromising style or sophistication for convenience; we achieve true luxury because we offer the entire package.

Spicing up the Season with Bright Spring Colors

Blue Suede Felicia Bolzano Handbag
Blue Suede Felicia

LTK: Your designer handbag collections truly are perfect for the modern woman, sophisticated, stylish, and accentuated with sharp details. Some of your newest bags, the Red Fiore, the Yellow Mirabella, and the Blue Suede Felicia, in particular are designed in bright colors. How did you find the balance between sophistication and playfulness in these bags? What made you decide to go with the brighter colors?

LC: I fell in love with these colors and patterns the minute I saw them. Fashion has evolved so much and handbags are seen as accessories that compliment one's wardrobe. We choose colors that would compliment the design of our bags but still draw just enough attention to wow you. Red for example is such a powerful color that can convey so many things; it felt like a must for every women. While most women do not realize it, blue is not only playful but convenient; as we all have blue jeans, skirts, etc… a blue bag can hit the right note with multiple items and still look refreshing. So many times we go with a bag that has multiple colors just because we do not have the right color. The colors we choose are fun but still diverse and sophisticated.

Sophisticated Straw Bags

LTK: Straw handbags are a big trend this spring. Your straw Caterina and straw Caprice offer a fresh take on typical handbags in their sleek designs. Can you tell us a bit more about these bags? What was the inspiration behind them?

LC: I wanted a straw bag that can be used virtually anywhere. Often, you find the cutest straw bags that are specific to a particular occasion; beach, outdoor shopping, pool party, etc… With these bags we looked to bring a sense of texture and seasonality to your everyday wardrobe. You can where these bags with a business jacket or you can use it to go out shopping and they are equally appropriate.

Trends and Bolzano Styles

Red Fiore Bolzano Handbag
Red Fiore

LTK: What other trends are surfacing in designer handbags this spring?

LC: Embossed leathers are starting to surface and will become more prominent in upcoming seasons.

LTK: Your bags have broad variety in terms of size and shape, allowing each woman to choose the designer bags that fits her best. With this in mind, are there any particular bag designs that seem the most universally appealing or popular?

LC: We are pleased to see that all the bags are doing quite well. The variety in our sales tells us that we have something for everyone. With that said, the Alisse is among the most popular bag worn by stars such as Denise Richardson and Janice Dickinson. The most often heard remark is "Wow, these bags are different…everyone wears the same brands and here is something new that has excellent quality." This is very gratifying as this is exactly what we aim to offer the market.

Where to Purchase Bolzano Handbags

LTK: Your bags are available on eBags.com. Where else can interested consumers purchase Bolzano handbags?

LC: Our bags can be bought through our website: www.bolzanohandbags.com and in boutiques throughout the US.

LoveToKnow would like to thank Leylani Cardoso for taking the time for this interview. Visit the Bolzano site or a boutique near and check out the latest looks from Bolzano to spice up your look this season!

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Leylani Cardoso of Bolzano Handbags Interview