SlimSlimmy Wallet

Bulging wallets, begone!

Amaze your friends - or at least pique their curiosities - by carrying a SlimSlimmy wallet, the thinnest little accessory out there. A unique find, it's a great gift idea and a rather clever take on the traditional wallet.

About the Brand

The wallet's manufacturer, Koyono, specializes in high-performance, functional and sophisticated accessories for the discerning, on-the-go consumer. Ideal for heavy travelers, frequent commuters and so-called "mobile professionals," the company's products range from practical apparel and comfortable footwear to sturdy laptop cases and unique iPod accessories.

Unexpected Wallets

With utility in mind, it's not hard to imagine that the company's wallets may well stand out from the crowd due to a unique feature or two. That's certainly an understatement - Koyono's wallets are anything but traditional. Unlike what you might find at the store, these wallets go beyond basics to offer consumers more bang for their buck. From splash-proof designs to recycled plastic styles for eco-conscious individuals, there's something for everyone here.

At the top of the list, though, is the Slimmy series of wallets. Designed with more than just basic function in mind, Slimmy wallets are meant to be carried in the front pocket. Considered the ultimate accessory for individuals who don't have time to stop, fiddle with a bulky, multi-fold wallet and dig around for what they're searching for, Slimmys are said to be a favorite among what the company terms "GAI," or geniuses, artists and innovators. In essence, the company's goal is to design products for those who dream big, aspire to do more and possess creative spirits. Like its intended consumer, the product is exceptionally unique.

The Slimmy Series

As its name suggests, the Slimmy wallet is ultra-thin. It's known as something of a maverick in the wallet world, naturally, and its size and unique concept allows it to stay ahead of the curve and set it apart from the rest of the pack. That's important, given that wallets generally all begin to resemble each other when stared at for too long.

Several styles make up the Slimmy collection, including:

  • Slimmy: The original, which is known as "the slimmest front pocket wallet on earth" is simple yet stylish. The patented design features three compartments positioned side by side and stitched only on one side, leaving one side completely open and unstitched. The result is a little "book" of sorts, with enough practical space to hold all of the essentials.
  • ViewSlimmy: Eliminating the need to pull out your identification card every single time, this wallet features a thin, clear front pocket that allows for quick access. If you do need to remove the card for any reason, you'll find it's a snap since it's in such easy reach.
  • SportSlimmy Sling: Your pants or shorts don't have pockets and you're not exactly about to start carrying a man bag around. No problem. This efficient wallet is an easy solution, thanks to its Velcro-closure pouch. Attached is a key ring with a Velcro closure that attaches to just about anything you wear. Ideal for beachgoers, trips to the gym and anyone who seeks the ultimate in convenience.
  • Slimmy Special Edition: Color gives the special edition of the original Slimmy a jolt of energy. Choose from red, pink or camouflage.
  • SlimSlimmy Minimalist: Deemed "the thinnest credit card wallet on earth" by Koyoto, this sleek accessory is expectedly lightweight and unexpectedly functional despite its ultra-slim design. Ideal especially if you carry a few cards and perhaps a bit less currency, it holds them all without bulging.

Why Carry a SlimSlimmy Wallet

It's as slim as can be and won't hold everything you typically carry in your regular wallet, so why should you make the switch? Besides easing your burden and having something lightweight to slip into your front pocket with ease, the wallet provides practical protection too.

  1. It may prevent theft. Carrying a wallet in the front pocket keeps it in a safer place and is less likely to be pinched by a pickpocket!
  2. It may prevent against muscle strain. Believe it or not, even the slightest shift in balance can put pressure on the back and cause discomfort, eventually leading to more serious problems. A light, thin wallet carried in front is a smart alternative.

You've Been Warned

Hey, it may look cool, but don't say you weren't warned in advance: The Slimmy is not meant for heavy packers. If your wallet currently looks like it hasn't been sorted in 10 years and you occasionally find receipts so old you can't even remember how they got there, you may want to pass. If, on the other hand, you desperately want a thinner wallet and just have a bad habit of saving things, you might consider this as a chance to finally change your ways. If anything can encourage a minimalist lifestyle, it's this.

Where to Purchase

Buy the SlimSlimmy wallet - and others in the collection - online at Koyono.

SlimSlimmy Wallet