Shoulder Style Bookbags for School

The Traditional Look

Shoulder style bookbags for school are a fashionable alternative to traditional bookbags.

This style of bag may be perfect for older children and teenagers that loathe the traditional backpacks we've all become acquainted with.

That said, it's worth noting that personal preference and style plays a large role in determining which style works for you!

Shoulder Style Bookbags

This shoulder bag is full of classic style.

Not only is it equipped to hold text books and the like, but it's also incredibly fashionable.

Flower Power

Wearing a bookbag on the shoulder is the perfect way to express one's creativity.

Here, the look is all about flowers and the color pink. Overall, the look is refreshingly surprising.

The Younger Set

Shoulder style bags are not just for high school students; the younger set can also get in on the stylish action.

Here, a bright color, with dark trim, is beautifully age-appropriate.

Urban Jungle

Whether walking with friends, or strolling solo, here are three distinctive looks; all of which are appropriate and stylish.

All Around Fashion

Remember, you don't have to choose a specific shoulder bookbag.

In fact, any large shoulder bag that can carry your book comfortably, and look great, will do.

Spring Forward

When the months turn warmer, consider a bag with a lighter fabric as well, like that of canvas material.

This way, your outfit and back can be in step.

Individual Style

No matter the look you choose, remember to always be true to your unique style.

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Shoulder Style Bookbags for School