Pictures of Backpack Purses

Functional Backpack Purses

Browsing pictures of backpack purses can help you fall in love with these versatile, functional accessories all over again. These 90s alternatives to standard purses have proven much more than just a fad; designers continue to come up with stylish new designs, and many women swear by the hand free design of backpack purses. From small novelty backpack purses to larger leather styles, there is a huge range of styles to meet every taste -- and every age. An added bonus? Backpack purses conveniently double as carry-ons, overnight bags and more, making them a multi-functional and economic choice. See these must have styles in backpack purses!

Small black backpack on
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The Little Black Backpack

While it won't replace your evening bag for formal occasions, a sleek black backpack purse is versatile enough for almost everything else, from a casual work bag to weekend wear.

Red leather mini backpack on
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Show Your Colors

A colorful mini backpack is a bright, bold expression of personality. Choose a rich hue in your favorite color, or mix it up by choosing seasonal colors to mix and match with your wardrobe. Details like the silver clasps and playful yet subtle tassel detail on this LeatherBay backpack purse keep a bag looking sophisticated yet sweet and fun.

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Pretty Printed Backpack Bags

Pretty prints and soft quilted styles make the perfect backpack purse for the busy woman who loves feminine touches to her bag. Fabric bags are not only affordable, but they come in a range of styles and colors.

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Top Handle Backpack Purses

For even greater versatility, some backpack purses are designed with multiple carrying options; a top handle that's easy to grab and allows you to carry the backpack like a traditional purse, and the dual shoulder straps that allow you to carry the bag on your bag for hands free easy. Some styles may have removable straps, allowing you to adjust the bag for your daily needs.

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Unique Backpack Handbags

A unique backpack, such as this floral print, mini pack bag by Haiku, makes an original statement in a backpack handbag. You don't have to sacrifice your originality and sense of style when it comes to finding a functional bag.

Lacy backpack on
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Lace Backpack Bags

Want a lighter option than a leather backpack bag? A lightweight cotton bag, like this style, is a great alternative. The crocheted lace embellishments also help make the look less bulky.

Nylon backpack on
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Breezy Nylon Bags

Perfect for spring and summer, nylon backpack handbags are light, breezy, and easy to clean. Contrast trim and extra organizational features make a bag fresh and functional.

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Sleek Backpack Purses

If you love the idea of a backpack purse, but aren't so fond of the traditional styles, rest easy knowing that there are plenty of sleek, ultra modern designs available, like this one from Bellini. Many bags are made in streamlined designs or with modern details to make them edgy and enticing for contemporary fashionistas.

Novelty backpack on
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Cute Novelty Mini Backpacks

From the very young to the young at heart, cute novelty mini backpacks are a fun way to stow your necessities for casual carrying. Novelty designs run the gamut from sweet plush styles to favorite cartoon characters to wild or funky prints.

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Pictures of Backpack Purses