How to Wear a Handbag

Wearing a Handbag

Knowing how to wear a handbag means understanding a few key concepts.

First, keep in mind that a handbag can be worn on the shoulder, in the crook of the arm (by the elbow) or slung across the body.

Second, the length of the "strap" of the bag tends to dictate how to wear the bag best. For example, there are times when a bag's strap is simply too short to wear on the shoulder.

In this case, it's best to carry the bag. Third? Confidence. No matter the look you choose, remember to wear it with confidence and you'll always look great!

Chic and Sling

You may not ordinarily associate a sling bag with chic style, but this model proves otherwise, as the color of the bag matches the color of the scarf.

While not always necessary, it does present a fine image.

Arm Candy

Even though the strap of this bag is short, it still looks great when worn on the shoulder because of the size of the bag- it's all about proportions.

The model's slim figure balances the large contours of the purse perfectly.

How to Wear a Handbag- Not

Handbags can get pretty heavy, which is why it's important to pay attention to how you are carrying it.

This model would relieve some of the strain of the bag is she places it in the crook of her arm, as opposed to carrying it on her forearm.

Knowing When to Match

Matching your handbag to your outfit is not necessary, but try to keep the tones complimentary.

Here, an otherwise perfectly beautiful purse clashes with the violet of the model's shirt. A white or a deep brown color would have been a better choice.

Easy Breezy Style

Simple looks, even when loaded down with packages, always work best.

Everything clicks in fashion place for this model perfectly; all of the colors (even her packages!) are in the same color family and she's carrying her handbag in the appropriate manner.

Handbags and Easy Access

Handbags are there so that everything one needs is at their fingertips.

Here, carrying the large handbag on the shoulder makes sense.

Take Two

Unfortunately, this is what happens when we remove a large handbag from the shoulder to search for an item- it presents and awkward image.

Considering her dress, a cute clutch would have been a better choice.

Picture Perfect

This is exactly the image one should project with their handbag- perfectly polished, competent and confident.

Again, we can see the virtues of taking a strong stand with color.

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How to Wear a Handbag