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Stylish and Functional

For most women, bags for the beach must be both functional and fashionable. The bag needs to look cute on the outside while keeping most of the sand out of the inside. Unlike trying to find comfortable four-inch stilletos and a bathing suit that covers all your flaws (real or imagined), cute functional and fashionable beach bags are easy to find.

Travel Light

A personal-sized bag is great if all you need for a day at the beach is a good book or magazine, a bottle of water and of course, sunscreen.

Lightly Structued

If you don't really care for a lot of structure in your beach bags, but also don't like the slouchy hobo bag look, a lightly structured madras or other fabric bag offers a nice balance between stiff and completely unstructured.

Go Ahead, Slouch

A simple canvas or cotton slouchy bag is a good style for the beach if you tend to carry a lot of things. Slouchy bags, like this green one, have a little bit more give than a structured bag to accommodate your entire repertoire of beach-going necessities.

Sunkissed Pink

Pink is a perfect summer shade. A bag in a sunkissed, mid-level tone, similar to the rosy glow your cheeks get after a day at the beach, can function almost as a neutral and coordinate well with most summer wardrobe colors.

Sometimes, Bigger is Better

A bag in a large size is an excellent choice for the beach. Look for a style big enough to carry a towel, a novel, a few bottles of water, sunscreen, a change of clothes and shoes. Look for fun colors and patterns to create a carefree vibe with your oversize bag.

Woven Basket-Style Bag

Woven basket-like bags offer a good deal of structure to keep your beach belongings orderly. This type of bag often comes in a range of sizes to accommodate different needs.

Easy Closures

If you don't want prying eyes staring into your beach bag, look for closures that are simple yet accessible, such as a simple elastic and button clasp. This keeps the contents of your bag private, while offering easy accessibility to what's inside.

Stripes on the Horizon(tal)

A fun striped bag can be a great choice for the pool or beach. While there are very few occasions when horizontal stripes look good on anybody, you can make an exception when it comes to your beach tote. Brightly colored stripes complement every beachgoer…even if you're not waifishly thin.

Vertical Stripes

Horizontal stripes aren't the only option if you want a bold two-tone beach bag. A bag with vertical stripes can be a great choice, especially if the colors pick up the tones in your swimsuit or cover-up.

Floral Designs

Bags for the beach come in all shapes, sizes and patterns. What better pattern then pretty flowers? A simple floral print is is not overly trendy, but doesn't look dated either.

Stand Out with Fringe

Make a special statement with a fringed beach bag. If you can't find a bag that comes with fringe, purchase an inexpensive bag and add your fringe own for a truly unique touch.

Add Embellishments

Fringe isn't the only add-on you can use to adorn a simple bag. Visit your favorite craft store and pick up beads, sequins and 3-D elements to create a fancy beach tote that is all your own.

Cloth Beach Bag

Cloth beach bags are perfect for those who visit the beach or the pool often, especially those who accompany small children on such trips. That's because cloth bags are easy to clean. Just throw your bag in the washing machine on gentle cycle and air dry - it'll be clean and ready to go again in no time at all.

Woven Straw

Straw beach bags are a staple of summer and are great lightweight bag options. Luckily, designers are now creating bags with woven straw or even different colors mixed together.

Fun at the Beach

No matter what kind of bag you choose -whether it's similar to one of the bags pictured here or if you opt for a clear plastic tote, a summer beach tote or bag is an essential for summer fun. Be sure to pack it wisely -- include plenty of sunscreen, water, beach gear and a fun summer novel or two. Enjoy your time at the beach!

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