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Silk Flower Handbags

Amy Finley
pink flower bag

Silk flower handbags offer a touch of femininity that is perfect special occasions or for the long days of spring and summer. From bags with a single silk flower and a hint of country charm to dramatic designs with oversize flowers, the effect of nature's budding beauties offers incredible inspiration for silken flower handbag designs.

About Silk Flower Handbags

Silk flower handbags are typically available in one of the following styles:

  • Handbags made with leather, straw, or some other material and accented with a single flower or grouping of silk flowers
  • Handbags designed to imitate a type of silk flower, in an oversize design (These may be created using fabric, silk, or other materials)
  • Handbags made from silk flower petals, which may be adorned with silk flowers as well
  • Silk handbags with printed or screened floral designs

Although some lower priced-versions of accented, print, or oversize silk flower designs are available, handbags created using silk flower petals are often handmade and are accompanied by a higher price tag.

When to Wear

Fabric, leather, or straw bags accented with a single silk flower or arrangement of flowers are perfect for many occasions in spring and summer. Shopping, lunches, early dinners, outings with friends, and many other events are perfectly appropriate times to tote your flower-adorned bag. Although a few more subdued silk flower styles may be available, for the most part these bags are not designed for professional or office wear.

The evening bag is by far the most appropriate designation for most types of silken flower bags. Flirty, but elegant, these bags can add a special touch to evening attire. The rich jewel tones of many evening gowns coordinate well with the colors of floral handbags in silk.

Weddings, particularly spring and summer weddings, are also a popular sighting for these bags. Oversize playful flowers, such as daisies, are adorable for flower girls. More sophisticated versions are a wonderful accompaniment for the attire of the maid of honor and bridesmaids. Cream or white silken flower bags can be the ideal handbags for the bride herself.

Designers and Purchasing Information

Some designers specialize in these types of handbags and may have a large collection form which to choose. Other designers offer only a few selections of this type from among their designs.

  • EJ Stern: EJ Stern specializes in stunning couture handcrafted bags made from silk flowers from designer Ellen Stern. These made-to-order bags are available in baguettes, small handbags, and circular and pyramid designs. These handmade handbags feature individually applied petals, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones, and intricate and stunning designs.
  • Shiraleah: Shiraleah offers an array of silk flower evening bags, including silk bags with embroidered flowers, silk bags with raised fabric flowers, dimensional flower designs in silk fabric with bead and sequins, and silk totes and hand-held bags with raised appliquéd flowers. Delicate and pretty, these are affordable bags that work well for special occasions.
  • Backyard Oaks bags, available at ebags, offers an adorable rose handbag made from silk petals.
  • Good Orient offers sweet silk handbags with floral designs, appliqués, brocade, and more. These are available in various styles, such as small hand-held bags, clutches, and barrel bags.
  • Designer Alessandra Bravo's captivating White Flowers Art Quilt, available from Lucema Designs is a lovely, romantic evening bag designed with white and cream silk flowers.

Creating Your Own Silk Flower Bag

Virtually any handbag or evening bag can be transformed into a silk flower handbag. From a casual tote to a sophisticated clutch, by simply attaching one or more silk flower pins, you can give a whole new look to you bag.

MJ Trimmings and Sleeve Garden are a few sites that offer flower pins to help you transform your handbag with a fresh look.

Silk Flower Handbags