Rolling Shopping Tote

Cute Shopping Totes with Wheels from Luggage America
Cute Shopping Totes with Wheels from Luggage America

A rolling shopping tote is the perfect way to run errands with ease and convenience.

Advantages of a Rolling Shopping Tote

A rolling shopping tote can easily be your new best friend! These wondrous shopping bags offer numerous advantages that include:


Our arms and backs bear the burden of toting around items, from our shopping sprees to library runs. The stress and strain of carrying packages are usually accompanied by muscle pain, neck pain, and tired and sore tendons. Now, instead of lugging packages and the like, one can simply slip all of that gear into a rolling tote that easily and efficiently transfers their goods.

No Hassles

These totes also pack a powerful technological punch because there are different ways to carry them. First, there is the sturdy top handle that not only allows for easy rolling, but also for carrying the entire bag off the ground. Whether you are stepping on a platform or going over a street curve, you can do so with relative ease.

Second, the majority of these bags now come with top handles that resemble weekender bags. And third? The obvious wheels that allow for walking up and down city streets, back and forth on driveways, and around sharp corners and bends.

Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps the most important advantage of these totes is that they can be environmentally friendly, especially if you use them for all of your errands. To combat all of those plastic bags at the grocery store, consider taking your tote. Not only can it hold fruits and vegetables, but it can also come in handy for a wide array of other products, like cleaning supplies. The best part? Like those trusty environmentally friendly canvas bags, shopping totes are reusable!

Shopping for Rolling Market Totes

businesswoman using a rolling shopping tote
Get style and convenience with a wheeled shopping tote!

Before shopping, keep an eye out for the following factors. This way, you'll be happier with your purchase and want to use it time after time.

Consider a Name Brand

A name brand isn't usually a requirement, but when it comes to an item you'll want to use on a regular basis it may actually be a safe bet. That's because totes have a lot of moving and working parts.

From jammed handles, to stuck zippers to wheels that don't run, many different things can go wrong with this purchase. Save a considerable amount of frustration by choosing a company that has a stellar reputation. Additionally, you may also want to consider any warranties and guarantees that the company has to offer.


Size most certainly matters when it comes to these rolling tote bags. You don't want something so big that it's an encumbrance. After all, it's portability you're after, but you'll also need something roomy enough to hold any extra purchases.

Construction and Durability

The construction and durability used to make a rolling shopping tote is also of paramount importance; this bag needs to go every and anywhere and it needs to do so in one piece! Additionally, the quality construction means your new purchase will last for a relatively long amount of time.

The Best Places to Shop

Some of the best online shopping sites for the rolling shopping toe include:

  • Amazon: Offers a discreet black tote for $17.95.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond: This online retailer offers several different types of totes form a traditional rolling tote to a shopping tote. One of the best items available here is the Olympia Rolling Shopper Tote. Love this tote for its sturdy handles, its convenient mesh pocket, and its attractive colors that vary from lime to ocean to marigold. Available for $26.90.

Some Final Thoughts

If you are still searching for the perfect shopping tote, then try They have another version of the Olympia model above, but this time the tote is slightly larger, the handle is a bit more discreet, and the color is done in varying shades of pink, white and lavender. You can purchase this tote for $32.99.

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Rolling Shopping Tote