Purses That Are Decorated With Palm Trees

Palm Tree and tan Purse from AmishWorkshops.com
Palm tree and tan purse from AmishWorkshops.com

For spring and summer, purses that are decorated with palm trees can be a fun and festive change from the more subdued bags often seen in autumn and winter. What's more, these tropically-inspired bags go well with a variety of ensembles, from sundresses and swimsuits to tank tops and capris.

Purses That Feature Palm Trees

While fun and flirty are great adjectives for a purse embellished with palm trees or other tropical foliage, there are a wide range of handbag types, styles, and materials available with this summery focus. Some of the most popular looks include straw and canvas bags. Totes, bucket bags, a large purses are popular with palm tree designs, but other styles, such as barrel bags, box-type purses, and coin purses are available. You can even find evening bags with palm tree designs!

When and Where to Buy

If you live in an area where the climate entertains sunshine for most of the year, chances are you can find purses that are decorated with palm trees just about any time. For those living in states or areas that welcome old man winter, however, you'll find the best selection of palm tree handbags in early spring, with the release of the season's handbags. If you are looking for deals and discounts, late spring and mid-summer are good times to look browse the boutiques.

Many department and accessory stores offer a selection of handbags decorated with palm tree. When you're in the market for something as specific as this, however, the Internet can be a huge time saver. The following online stores and sites offer tropical-themed accessories like palm tree purses and beach bags:

What We Love

Here at LoveToKnow, we love handbags as much as you. Here are some of the styles of purses that are decorated with palm trees we found, along with information about the designer or manufacturer.

  • Henrietta's Handbags sells a handbag made from fabric covered in pretty flamingos and palm trees. If you want your handbag to stand out, this is a funky, fun option.
  • Cute and casual, the Tropical Palm Trees Tote Bag from Café Press is made from durable canvas with double handles and a row of palm trees front and back.
  • Bamboo handles and a tiny palm tree print make this microfiber purse from Rancho Trading Company fresh and unique.
  • Looking for something truly different? These handbags from Exotic Shells Hawaii are made from polished coconut shells, and then adorned with painted palm trees.

Custom Palm Tree Purses

If you just can't find the palm tree purse you want, there are many handbag and accessory shops that will custom or hand make the bag to your specifications. From a particular fabric to appliqués or embroidery, you can have just about anything you can imagine if you're willing to pay the extra cost for customization.

For those on a budget, another option is to design your own bag with a palm tree motif. Start with a simple straw or fabric purse, and then visit your local craft store for paint, beads, and more to make an original palm tree design on your bag. If you're interested in this route, be sure to visit LoveToKnow Crafts for great tips!

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Purses That Are Decorated With Palm Trees