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Purse Hangers and Hooks

Cheryl Cirelli
Purse Hook

Whether you are looking for a solution to keep your purse off the floor when you're out and about or need a way to store your handbag at home, there is a variety of purse hooks and hangers to choose from. These handy accessories make it possible to keep your purse safe, secure and clean wherever you happen to be.

Portable Purse Hangers

Portable purse hangers have many advantages for busy women on the go, including keeping your purse off the dirty ground and out of the hands of thieves. You can use these versatile hooks on desks, theater seats, over doors, or even the back of bathroom stalls. Most styles attach directly to the table surface using a rubber grip pad. These fashionable holders are stylish as well as functional.

You can find hangers for your purse at local card shops, specialty gift boutiques as well as online. The following styles may be just what you need to protect your handbag.

Clipa Handbag Hangers

Clipa purse hangers are unique in that they have a circular design, similar to a hinged bangle bracelet. Mike Sweeney, President of Clipa, says that the two-ounce clip "is designed to hold heavy purses and backpacks up to 45 pounds." He adds that the "patented closure system really stands up to use and has been tested to last 10 years."

On the company website, customers rave about the design. One customer mentioned that she clips hers to the car headrest to secure her purse without the contents spilling out while driving. Another customer commented that Clipa doubles as a beautiful bracelet in addition to being a useful hanger.

Clipa comes in a number of styles, including the following:

  • Affordable options like the Traveler series, which is priced around $15 and available in colors such as pink, white, orchid or black
  • Attention-grabbing colors like silver, brushed silver and hematite that retail for under $25 and match the most popular hardware finishes for purses
  • Crystal-accented versions that retail for around $40 and contain Swarovski elements
  • Custom designs where you can pick your favorite crystals and colors

Purse Jewelry Purse Hangers

At Purse Jewelry, you can find stylish purse hangers in styles to match your personality. Hangers come in straight and foldable styles that are priced under $10. These hangers are designed with a rubber sponge on the back of the decorative disc that securely grips to the surface of the desk or table. All hangers come in a black velvet pouch, making them perfect for gift giving.

One satisfied customer told the company that he purchased a purse hanger for his wife's purse. He mentioned that his wife gets more compliments on the purse hanger than she does on her handbag.

Foldable styles include mini purses, roses and round discs with crystal accents. Some straight styles to consider include the following:

  • Fun patterns such as stripes, polka dot and plaid
  • Sophisticated patterns such as initials, crystal accents or solid colors
  • Fancy styles with clusters of pearls, pearl center flowers and heart shaped crystal

Personalized Purse Hangers

For something unique and special, consider a personalized purse hanger. You can have it monogrammed or engraved with a name, date or initials. These hangers are great to give as a graduation or birthday gift and are sure to be treasured. Some styles to consider include the following:

  • Round Personalized Purse Hook (pictured): From Things Remembered, this cute hook is priced around $15. This hook will secure to a table top or desk to keep your purse off the ground. It has a clasp-style closure that has a magnet to hold it in place when not being used. For an additional fee, you can have this hook personalized with a message. This style hook also comes in a heart-shaped design.
  • Engraved Personalized Purse Hanger: Found at Personalize Your Items, this hanger is priced around $19 and can be engraved with a single monogram or up to two initials. This option closes with a magnet when not in use and has a non-scratch rubber bottom that will secure to a table or flat surface. It comes packaged in a black velvet pouch that makes it ideal for gift giving or to use for storage.

Purse Storage Holders

There are a number of great Purse organizer hangers designed to be used in your room or closet. Great space-saving designs can make the most of purse storage even with limited closet space.

Over-the-Door Purse Holders

Ideal for those with little or no closet space, over-the-door purse storage products may have vertical or horizontal hooks, loops, pouches, or slots to place bags. Some come with additional organizational features like key and mail pockets and are available in stylish colors, making them perfect for apartments. Try one of these styles:

  • InterDesign Classico Over-the-Door Holder (pictured): Found at Douglas Stewart Co., this holder is priced around $9 and features a chrome finish. It will fit standard size doors. It features steel wire holders for you to hang your purses from their straps. This makes an affordable option that will go with any style of decor.
  • Over The Door Purse Racks: From Bed, Bath and Beyond, these purse racks come in a set of two. Priced under $10, this duo can hold up to 16 purses. No hardware is needed to clip these racks to your door. The racks can stretch to fit any door height or size. If you're looking for something versatile to house a large purse collection, this may be the product for you.

Hanging Purse Holders

Easily store all your purses in your closet with a hanging organizer. These holders come in styles that hang over your current closet rod. One of these options may work for you:

  • Real Simple Organizer: Found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, this organizer is priced around $13. It is designed with eight spacious side shelves to hold your purses. An added feature is crisscrossing elastic bands that securely hold your purses in place. This is a great choice if you need to store several purses in your closet.
  • Closetware Clear Purse File: This holder, found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, is priced around $10. It is constructed from clear vinyl to keep dust off your purses while making them easy to see. This holder hangs from a sturdy hook and will fit any size closet. It can hold eight large purses. If you want to protect your purses during storage, this may be the product for you.

Tips for Selecting a Hook or Hanger

It is important to always consider the size of your bag when purchasing a hanger. Lower quality hangers may not reference a weight amount so if you have a very heavy purse or bag, be sure it will hold the weight. Good quality hooks may be able to hold thirty pounds or more.

Also consider the type of bag you usually carry. Long straps and messenger bags may not work with hangers.

Keep Your Purse Safe and Clean

For most women, figuring out where to put your purse can be a challenge. Fortunately, hangers are a stylish and creative solution for keeping your purse clean and safe in any environment.

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Purse Hangers and Hooks