Puppy Purses

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Take your puppy everywhere in a stylish handbag.

If you just can't bear to leave your precious dog at home while you run errands, puppy purses allow you to carry your pooch along while making an individual fashion statement.

The availability of luxury pet products has exploded in recent years. People who love to pamper their puppies have the opportunity to spoil their pet babies at every turn. Fancy pet beds, leashes with rhinestone accents, and personalized dishes are just a few items you can buy. For the woman who wants a truly unique accessory to add to her collection, what type of purse can she carry that no one else will have?

About Puppy Purses

Puppy purses are carriers for your beloved dog. You will have to take along a separate pocketbook to carry items such as a wallet and keys. The only thing puppy handbags are designed to hold is a pooch.

Why These Carriers Are Good for Dogs

If your dog is older or has hip or joint problems, you can still take her with you while keeping pressure off of her legs with too much activity. Carriers that are closed in won't provide the same visibility or ventilation as being carried in the open air, so keep this in mind when choosing your puppy purse.

Pet Comfort

Your pet's comfort should always be your main concern. The people at PuppyPurse ensure that their products are made with soft materials that won't irritate your puppy's skin. Faux fur and supple leather will feel heavenly to your dog, so don't worry that your little pup is being chafed.

Best Breeds

Some dog breeds are better suited to the puppy purse phenomenon than others. Sorry, Rottweiler owners, but this is a fashion statement especially for small dog breeds or dogs whose adult weight is around 15 pounds or less. Some types of small dogs include:

Ways to Wear Your Purse

Puppy purses are surprisingly versatile. If you prefer a shoulder bag, the straps can be adjusted for that style. For the woman and pet lover who would rather carry her puppy around tote bag style, straps can be removed and tote handles attached. The strap can also be used as a leash and Fido can prance alongside you as you run your outdoor errands.

Where to Buy

These are a few online locations that carry a good selection of purses for your pooch:

Styles of Doggie Handbags

Bruiser's Cruiser Dog Tote by Schmancy Purses
Bruiser's Cruiser Dog Tote by Schmancy Purses

The wide variety of styles and colors in puppy purses is impressive. You can coordinate your outfit and accessories to match your purse. For example:

  • For people who can't get enough of camo gear, even your fur baby can sport a cool camouflage puppy purse.
  • Bring out your pampered poodle's wild side with this leopard print puppy purse.
  • Going to Mardi Gras? Well, don't forget your puppy! She'll look fetching and festive in a MardiWoof set.
  • Your pooch will love showing off in a Fluff puppy purse. The stretchy and embellished fabric will make her look oh-so-fabulous.

What You'll Pay

Purses for your pooch are priced in a moderate to high range. Expect to pay from $55.00 and up. To some people, this may seem extreme, but for those who love to spoil their puppies, only the best for their furry friends will do.

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Puppy Purses