Polka Dot Luggage Sets

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From bold, retro pink luggage sets with polka dots to travel bags with more understated polka dot appeal, there are many ways to make a stylish splash with your suitcase.

The Appeal of Polka Dot Luggage Sets

There are many reasons to choose luggage adorned with polka dots. Often in bold or contrasting colors, these bright, mood-boosting patterns give an instant lift to standard luggage. Since classic dark colors such as black, shades of brown or grey, navy, and hunter green are very popular when it comes to luggage, dotted suitcases and travel bags are also easily recognizable. This can be a big time saver and help lessen confusion over finding your luggage at crowded airport carousels.

Dotted patterns are also just plain fun, and a great addition to add personality to your luggage. Styles vary from subtle patterns, like small dots in similar color families that give the appearance of texture, to more vibrant and original designs. Whether you have had a long penchant for all things retro, or are just in tune with the current popularity of retro fashions, a polka dot luggage set certainly fits into the current trends. Polka dot travel sets are available for both women and kids. Not only can a fashion-savvy woman pull off the polka dots, but this look can also be a fun and funky choice for teens or kids.

Luggage sets in these distinctive dots offer a coordinated look and make identifying all your travel bags simple and quick.

A Rainbow of Polka Dot Suitcases

small dotted luggagge

There are many different dot sizes and colors from which to choose. Dot designs include small, medium, and large dots, as well as patterns with several different dot sizes on one print. They may be designed in consistent rows or patterns or randomly placed. Some of the most popular colors for dotted luggage include:

Pink and Black Polka Dot Luggage

Pink and black is a great combination for luggage when it comes to polka dots. There are designs with pink backgrounds and black dots and vice versa. Pinks range from pale pink to fuchsia. Black offers a sophistication that tempers the feminine pink flair.


A bold, bright design perfect for kids, teens, or those who want a playful print is a polka dot luggage set with colored dots. Common colors for the dots include teal, pink, blue and green. Colored dots are seen on white or black backgrounds, and a reversal of this fun type of print that has a touch more sophistication is the colored luggage set with white polka dots. Colored backgrounds of lime, teal, and pink, and orange are popular.

Back to Black

Classic black and brown luggage sets get jazzed up with the addition of polka dots. Small, medium, or large white or cream dots look classy yet fun on black or brown backgrounds. These neutral hues are perfect for the woman who wants her luggage to look elegant, but also gives a subtle flair.

Polka Dots and Stripes

Your mother may have told you not to wear polka dots with stripes, but your luggage set can break this fashion rule with some of the new geometric design patterns. Various dot sizes mixed with stripes create unique, edgy patterns perfect for kids, teens, and women who want a more fun look to their luggage.

Metallic Dots

Polka dot luggage goes luxe with the infusion of metallic backgrounds or dots. Black mixes with metallics well for a futuristic feel that's sure to get you noticed. Far from wall-flower variety luggage, flashy dots add fun and flair.

Types of Dotted Luggage Sets

Like most luggage sets, you'll see a range of sets available. Material for dot luggage is commonly cotton canvas, but other materials are available as well. Types of sets include:

  • Two wheeled suitcases (small and medium, or medium and large) for basic travel
  • Weekend luggage sets including carry on bags, travel totes and shoulder bags, and cosmetics and toiletry cases
  • Full standard luggage sets with two wheeled suitcases, matching duffel, and matching travel bag
  • Three piece suitcase set
  • Wheeled suitcase and large totes

Brands and Where to Buy

You can purchase polka dot luggage sets on many major department stores, including Wal-mart and Target, as well as retailers that specialize in luggage and bags. Other great stores to check include Luggage Online and eBags.

Brands that make polka dot luggage include:

Don't forget to look at the collections of popular handbag designers, like the Jessica Simpson and Liz Claiborne lines for great polka dot travel totes.

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