Pink and Brown Messenger Bag

Eastsport Messenger Bag
Eastsport Messenger Bag

A pink and brown messenger bag is a versatile, stylish, accessory that utilizes a trendy color combination for a fresh look.

Messenger Bags: The "It" Bag of Function

When it comes to messenger bags, they are truly the "It" bag of functionality and versatility. The style is designed to be easy to carry as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag. The stylish flap-closure design allows convenient access to your essentials, and the roominess of these bags allow you store everything you need, whether it be textbooks for a college student, portfolios and business documents for the working woman, or snacks, juice boxes, and extra sets of child's clothing for a busy mom.

Messenger bags are available today in a vast array of colors, styles, and designs. They are also sold at varying price rages, from designer leather messengers to hip, funky, and casual canvas. You can find messenger bags at virtually any department or accessory store and thousands of online retailers.

Why Pink and Brown?

Pink and brown combine a lovely juxtaposition of soft femininity and a strong neutral. Sometimes referred to as the new "black and white" this color combination has really taken off in terms of accessories, wedding themes, and more. These colors are also highly versatile, and can be worn with many colors. They go well with denim and khaki, which are staples in virtually every woman's wardrobe.

Different patterns and designs can also make pink and brown messengers vary different in style. A tan and pink camouflage bag, for example, will be the perfect casual accompaniment to a weekend outing, while a chocolate leather messenger with pink accents will work well for the professional.

Pink and Brown Messenger Bags: Fresh Style Finds

Although messenger bags are widely available, if you are looking specifically for a pink and brown style, you'll have to be a bit more savvy in your search. Although this is a popular color combination in recent seasons, it may not be available at every venue.

The following offers a sampling of some of the bag styles available and retailers where these fresh accessories can be purchased. There is an array of different styles, from floral prints to sleek graphics to simple color combinations, so you're sure to find a style that fits you.

Cute Floral

This Cute Floral Messenger available at Craft features a deep, rich chocolate brown exterior with pink embroidered flowers and green vines throughout. Green linen lining allows for a cool and comfortable stashing place for all your necessities.

Handmade Originals

  • Reload Bags: This retailer sells gorgeous, fun, and funky handmade messenger bags. Among their pink and brown selections are a tan pink and white striped bag; a pale pink bag with chocolate strap and tan Queen's Anne's lace design; a brown and tan mini messenger with pink and brown Ginko design; and a retro pink, brown, and multi-circular graphic messenger.

Need more great places to look for brown and pink messenger bags? Check out the following:

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Pink and Brown Messenger Bag