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Personalized Children's Backpacks

Kids love having a personalized backpack.

What better way to make sure something doesn't get lost or mistaken for someone else's than with personalized children's backpacks? Nearly any kind of backpack can be personalized in any style you wish - your imagination is the limit.

Classic Personalized Children's Backpacks

What makes something uniquely one's own will always depend upon the individual of course, but for many decades any carrying case a child used was personalized with a monogram. Sewn or stamped on, a child's initials (or initial with a spelled-out last name) adorned every satchel, attaché case or school messenger bag. This was especially true in schools with strict uniform codes, because that uniform often extended to the case itself. The monogram, in that instance, was an absolute necessity.

Monograms are still a popular way to personalize children's backpacks (not many kids carry attaché cases anymore). There are many ways to create a monogram. The easiest is to buy iron-on patches of a child's initials and iron or even glue them to the backpack. If you want to feel more secure about them staying on, they can be sewn on instead. However, this requires a much stronger needle than the average sewing kit includes. If you go to a fabric store to buy initials as patches or appliqués, ask the sales assistant to help you find the right needle for the fabric in question.

You may also want to try embroidering initials yourself. It's probably easier to do the design on an embroidery ring and then transfer it to the backpack using that strong needle.

Other Unique Personalization Options

Although monograms are the most standard and popular ways to create personalized children's backpacks, there are many other ways to make something unique. Go back to the fabric store and look at the wide range of appliqués and patches available. A plain black backpack can quickly and cheaply be made much more exciting and unique and meaningful to the wearer with some decoration.

When you think of appliqués, you may think of designs that would only be embraced by girls, such as flowers, animals, swirls and stars. But you can also get appliqués featuring popular cartoon characters, cars, robots, sports insignia and any one of a number of designs that appeal to boys. Bring your child with you so that he or she can do the real work of creating a personalized backpack.

You and your child can also work together to make a unique backpack and have fun with fabric paint. Be sure to test the backpack first, but most heavy-duty backpacks can be painted on - again, ask the sales assistant at the craft store to help you choose an appropriate paint. You'll of course want to test the design on paper first before you go to work on the backpack.

Having Bags Personalized

Many shops, whether online or brick-and-mortar, are happy to create personalized children's backpacks. At Mulberry Moon, backpacks can be personalized with a monogram, full name or just an initial.

Kids Travel Zone will personalize a backpack - as well as suitcases and other gear - with an image and the child's name or initials. You can choose an image from a large selection and change colors if you like. They can also access other images from the web, but they do not do full custom designs.

A Special Gift is just that - a way to create a special gift for a child. The backpacks are made in the USA and machine washable. They have an enormous selection of designs guaranteed to please almost any girl or boy. The reasonable prices include a name up to eight letters long.

Bear in Mind

Unfortunately, security is something that every parent must always think about. You may not want your child's name available for just anyone to see. But this should not stop you from giving your child a personalized backpack - just stick to initials, monograms or unique designs instead.

Personalized Children's Backpacks