Peace Sign Handbags

Peace sign bag

Peace sign handbags are just as popular as ever. You've probably heard it said that fashions always come back in style. That is partly true, because at least some aspects of a decade's fashions will roll back into popularity over time. Peace symbols are one iconic style element that have returned from the 60s and 70s to grace today's bags.

Peace Sign Handbags Styles

There are many different handbag styles available that feature peace symbols. Here are just a few you can find both online and in brick and mortar stores:

  • Fabric totes with tie dye and peace symbols painted on the fabric
  • Leather hobos with a metal peace symbol
  • Fabric satchels with jeweled or studded peace symbols
  • Fabric or caoted fabric bags with a peace sign print
  • Leather, faux leather or fabric animal print bag styles with a centered peace sign in bright color
  • Peace sign fabric patchwork designs
  • Satchel and shopper styles with scattered signs or a trio of signs
  • Tattoo style handbags with peac signs
  • Firnged leather bags with a central sign
peace sign bag
Peace sign cross-body bag.

These basic styles come in many different colors and fabrics. Even the peace sign itself can vary between a circular peace sign and an image of a hand with two fingers lifted in the universal sign for peace. While there are many designs that feature the sign boldly, you'll also find several low-key looks that feature the sign in a more subtle way, such as in a handle accent, charm, or border.

How to Wear

While designs certainly vary, for the most part this is bag design that is casual in nature. They are most appropriate for school, casual wear, and weekends. Although woman of any age may fall in love with a peace sign bag, these light-hearted, fun bags are especially popular among teens and young women. A bag with this design wouldn't typically be appropriate for work or evening wear.

If your bag is bold, bright, or features eye-catching embellishments like rhinestones, keep your outfit and other accessories a bit more low-key to strike a good balance.

Where to Buy

Handbags featuring peace symbols can be found just about anywhere. In addition to brick and mortar stores like Walmart, Target, Hot Topic and Old Navy, you will find a nice selection at the following online stores:

This is just a small sampling of the many different websites where you can find peace symbol purses. Most designers release two new collections each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. New bags with peace designs often appear in spring collections, when colors are typically brighter and designers inject fun, breezy elements into their purses.

Design Your Own

If you're not satisfied with any of the current selections of handbags with peace symbols, consider designing your own. There are many sites that will allow you to create your own bag, using the image of your choice. Try places like and If you have the ability to sew, you may want to go to your local fabric store and choose a fabric with peace symbols on it and create the perfect tote or handbag for you.

Finding Your Peace

You shouldn't have any problems finding a peace sign handbag in your local stores. Hardly a season goes by that there are not new offerings featuring this universal symbol. Your best bet for a great selection is likely spring and summer, but you can still find selections almost any time of year.

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Peace Sign Handbags