Onna Ehrlich Designer Handbags Interview

Onna Ehrlich
Onna Ehrlich

If you're looking for a handbag line that offers sophisticated styles sleek enough for the red carpet, along with styles suitable for everyday, look no further than the designer handbag styles from Onna Ehrlich. LoveToKnow spent some time chatting with designer Onna Ehrlich herself, a graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, about her background in design and what inspired her to design handbags.

Onna Ehrlich Handbag Styles

The current crop of Onna Ehrlich handbag styles are as diverse and fashionable as ever. In addition to being seen on the arm of you favorite celebrities on and off the red carpet, the handbags also have a presence on the big screen in films and in TV shows. Take a look at some of the standout styles:

  • Rachel: labeled as the 'most celebrated' bag in Onna collection, this hobo is incredibly roomy and stylish. There are also a number of zippers, closures and pockets to store all of your essentials. Available in six colors.
  • Brooke: this large shoulder bag features detachable tassels at the sides, a magnetic latch and a cell phone holder located on the inside.
  • Sofia: the first all-leather tote from Ehrlich features cotton inside lining, gold-toned zipper and it's large enough for a weekend getaway.
  • Ann: a cute clutch bag that folds over and fastens with a magnetic snap. It also has a cell phone holder and an additional pocket for keys or coins. Available in four colors.
  • Francoise Gold: a beautifully-crafted bowler bag with gold hardware that's roomy enough for a day trip or overnight stay. There are also several compartments to store everything you need. Available in four colors.

Browse the full collection to see all the details. The bags are available for purchase directly through the brand's website. The bags range in price from just under three hundred dollars for smaller purses to upwards of seven hundred dollars for larger styles.

Behind the Brand: Interview With the Designer

Onna Ehrlich offers some personal insight into her background and what inspires her.

Onna's Inspirations

Eva LaRue with Onna Ehrlich clutch

LTK: What interested you in making fashionable purses?

OE: I always had a flair for fashion, ever since I was a little girl growing up in Nigeria, I was fascinated with fabrics, colors and textures. I started the line making shoes, but I always loved handbags, so I ended up with a handbag line that allowed me to use my inspiration on a wider scale.

Traditional African Fabrics

LTK: You mentioned that your design is inspired by your African roots. Can you tell us a little more about how this shows up in your handbags?

OE: Since I was little I was fascinated by Nigerian fabrics like beautiful damask and traditional woven cloths like Aso Oke, and batik. They still inspire our bags. A lot of my bags are roughed - they're influenced by my mother's traditional head wraps.

Favorite Styles

Marcia Cross with Onna Ehrlich bag
Marcia Cross with large Onna Ehrlich bag

There are many different styles of handbags available in the Onna Ehrlich collection, including leather clutch handbags, hobo handbags and totes. You'll even find a makeup bag. Onna Ehrlich shares some insider details on her beautiful, cutting-edge fashion designs and shares which is her current fave.

LTK: On your website, there are 15 handbag designs featured. Which of these is your favorite and why?

OE: It is constantly changing, but I am carrying the Rachel at the moment. See the Onna Ehrlich Black Rachel bag on the arm of Cameron Diaz in the movie "What Happens in Vegas".

LTK: Fans of Onna purses are hungry for the next new release. What's in the works?

OE: I like to surprise our fans, so I can only tell you that there will be even more exciting colors and versions of roughing.

LTK: What is the most interesting promotion you've ever done for your purses?

OE: The Daily 10 on E! Entertainment Network did a segment on our line - everything from our inspiration, the design process to celebrities that love our line. That was an exciting experience - mostly because of the overwhelming response we received from the viewers after the show, so many people were thankful to discover our line! It was really encouraging.

How to Avoid Fake Handbags

LTK: What is the best way for customers to make sure they are purchasing an authentic Onna Ehrlich?

OE: Look out for the logo inside the pocket. Also, we only use the best quality materials.

A Favorite of Celebrities

AudrinaPatridge and Lauren Conrad with Onna Ehrlich purses
AudrinaPatridge and Lauren Conrad with Onna Ehrlich purses

Many celebrities love these designer handbags, including Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Audrina Partridge, Lauren Conrad and many more. When asked if the company has plans to expand further, Onna Ehrlich gave a lighthearted reply. "Absolutely, we're taking over the world. Stay tuned!"

The brand has always been favored by the Hollywood set, and that is exactly why you can see the stylish handbags all over. The hit film, Friends with Benefits starring Mila Kunis, featured her character carrying the Brooke handbag in gray. Over on television, ABC's hit GCB featured star Leslie Bibb's character Amanda toting the Rachel bag in cognac.

For More on Onna Ehrlich

You can get more information about the designer, the company or order the handbag of your choice from OnnaEhrlich.com.

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Onna Ehrlich Designer Handbags Interview