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If ever there was a cute gift idea for a child or a unique option for keeping toys and other knickknacks organized, nesting suitcases seem to be an ideal solution. Available in a range of sizes and fun patterns, these suitcases may look more like decorations than anything else - but they offer plenty of practical uses!

About Nesting Suitcases

A set of nesting suitcases includes several cases in varying sizes that pack neatly into each other. For example, a three-piece set may include a small eight-inch suitcase; a medium ten-inch; and a large twelve-inch. Each fits into the next comfortably when empty.

Nesting suitcases are unique for reasons besides this, too. They're quite multifunctional, and can be used for travel or decorative purposes. Nesting suitcases designed for traveling are easy enough to spot; they're the same sturdy, durable pieces of luggage you rely on when you go on vacation, but these are sold in sets of three or more. For anyone who hesitates to buy multiple pieces of luggage because they simply don't have the necessary room, nesting luggage sets are a perfect option.

The basic decorative nesting case, meanwhile, is made from sturdy cardboard that has been etched with a charming, colorful design. These vary greatly, making them perfect additions to any room. They're ideal for adding a touch of unusual décor, but to make the most of them, consider their functional purpose of storage, too.

A Place for Storage

Maybe you thought you couldn't possibly find a place for yet another toy or little doodad that's been sitting in a drawer, on a table or just moving from place to place around the house. Who doesn't have something that just doesn't have a rightful place? Most people have a "junk drawer" that contains these little odds and ends. Toys are another matter altogether. They're often strewn about for the bulk of the day before being quickly shuttled into the nearest toy box or cart. No matter where they're kept, though, things never seem quite as neat as they could be.

Enter the nesting suitcase. The beauty of this piece may be visible to the naked eye - certainly a bright, ebullient print makes a fun accent piece in some parts of the house - but its real genius is in its functionality. Providing ample space for a variety of small and large items alike, the cases close securely with a snap-tight lock, ensuring that everything inside stays safe and sound.

In addition to toys and basic knickknacks, nesting suitcases are popular storage spaces for such items as craft supplies, knitting supplies, dolls and doll accessories and other types of collectibles. Note, however, that these types of suitcases are generally not sturdy enough to support (or carry) heavy items. A large suitcase may comfortably hold a few baby clothes, but in most cases these cases are more suitable for smaller items. If you are placing porcelain dolls or other fragile items inside the suitcase, be sure to wrap the item in question to ensure that no damage occurs. You may even want to line the suitcase for extra insulation.

What to Look For

If you're a seasoned traveler, you know how important it is to carry luggage that's well made and long lasting. Whether you prefer the fabric-like feel of canvas or the solid-as-a-rock protection offered by a polycarbonate shell casing (a hard material that is lightweight yet extremely sturdy), you'll find plenty of nesting suitcases to meet your needs.

Also consider just how many pieces you will practically need. A three-piece set typically offers the basic suitcase in three sizes, while larger sets include extras like toiletry bags, duffel bags and boarding totes. Not everyone requires these additional pieces, so bear this in mind when shopping, especially if price is a consideration.

Where to Purchase

These types of suitcases are widely available at a range of retailers, ranging from children's activity stores to specialty bag stores. You may find travel-appropriate nesting luggage at major department stores, as well. Check out the following online boutiques for some great selections:

Travel Nesting Luggage

Decorative Nesting Luggage

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Nesting Suitcases