Monogram Denim Clutches

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Casual, stylish and perfect for those grab-and-go moments, monogram denim clutches are available in several varieties. Though it's true that they aren't considered the hottest, most fashion-forward purses in the world, there's something to be said for their ease and versatility, too. More often than not, that's what a woman really wants from a purse!

The Perfect Casual Bag

When you think of casual days out, you probably think of jeans, T-shirts and sneakers, or some variation of this very laidback ensemble. Your carryall of choice is likely a tote or basic everyday shoulder bag, something that doesn't require any thought and that holds all of your daily essentials with ease. Every woman needs at least one bag like that, and it's common sense that she'd need it on a day when she's just jogging out the door for a grocery or drugstore run.

That said, there's something to be said for shaking things up a bit, too. You don't have to go all out - a statement-making piece of jewelry, for example, can make a big difference, and so can a handbag. In fact, pair a showy handbag with a basic jeans-and-T-shirt type of outfit and suddenly the entire look can transform from so-so to sassy! With that in mind, it might be worth considering an alternative to your usual everyday bag.

Monogram Denim Clutches

While the clutch was once best known for its big-night-out exclusivity, today it has graduated to everyday-appropriate status, and is often seen within the grasps of some of the most fashion-forward women in the world. Indeed, daytime clutches in bright, look-at-me colors hit the runways in the late 2000s, and quickly became just as popular on the streets and in shopping malls. Suddenly, it seemed that everyone had at least one daytime clutch in her arsenal.

Though certain styles - metallic leather or heavily embellished, for example - simply suit evenings better than daytime, others look like they're just made to wear with your simplest outfits. Focus on the material when you're choosing a daytime clutch - something like cotton canvas or denim easily passes muster and, in fact, is much more suitable to carry during the day than at night.

If big name designers are your preference and money is no object, you might find just what you need in Louis Vuitton's vast collection. Though the selection of monogram denim clutches is not vast - this item may or may not be available at any given time, and it may take some serious searching to track it down - you can definitely snag monogrammed denim handbags.

Louis Vuitton Monogram

Bearing the famous Louis Vuitton "LV" insignia, monogrammed bags from this storied label are nothing short of impressive. Legions of fans all over the world have confessed their lifelong admiration for the brand and its high quality handbags and accessories, and many women covet any type of monogrammed bag from the immense collection. For some, it's a status symbol, while for others it's a true style statement.

The monogram denim clutches, as mentioned, are not readily available. You will find some denim items on the company's website, including:

  • Slightly Denim Handbag: Bearing the iconic monogram print, this slouchy shoulder bag is trimmed with calfskin and retails for $1170.
  • XS: Also adorned with the monogram print, this black denim bag is practical for daily use. It retails for $1930.
  • Wallets: The Zippy ($715) and the Amelia ($785) wallets are great alternatives to an actual clutch if you really just want something quite slim to stow inside your everyday bag. The monogrammed denim is understated and chic, and they're both highly functional.
  • Key and Change Holder: For the individual who doesn't require much space, the petite change holder ($195) is a reasonable choice. The dark monogrammed denim is lined with calf leather and accented with golden brass hardware for an elegant finish.

Finding the Monogrammed Clutch

If you happen to be on a mission for a Louis Vuitton monogrammed clutch in denim, take to eBay first. You may come across a denim pouchette or wallet that meets your needs. Do be cautious of purchasing an inauthentic product, though - our helpful article on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag will steer you in the right direction.

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