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Monogram Denim Briefcases

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Monogram denim briefcases and bags have become a hot accessory for women, perfect for the workplace, shopping, or a night on the town. The popularity of these products is partially due to the fashion company that first designed the monogram denim line of products. French fashion house Louis Vuitton has been on the cutting edge of design since the mid-1800s, creating haute couture accessories mainly for women.

Vuitton's signature line accessories are usually made from their high quality monogram canvas, a durable yet fashionable type of denim that befits a variety of styles and settings. With the distinctive LV logo, there is no doubt as to the perfect quality of the product you carry.

Why Monogram Denim

Often, briefcases are associated with work and are thus very formal. However, many offices are becoming more casual and few work environments require full business attire in the modern business world. As a result of the more casual dress code, a formal leather briefcase may seem like overkill. Modern women may prefer an alternate option - something that still suggests business and style, and yet that has a fun, light and casual side as well.

Denim, as a juxtaposition to briefcases, is often considered to be a fabric made for play. Jeans and denim jackets traditionally have no place in the business world, except on casual Friday and most people associate denim with relaxation and a laid-back attitude.

Merging the formal briefcase with the fun of denim provides a great alternative to a stuffy and boring briefcase that businessmen of days gone by would favor. The designers at Louis Vuitton perfectly merged these trends, providing a great product designed to suit the tastes of the most discerning fashionista seeking a stylish vessel to take her papers to work.

Buying a Monogram Denim Briefcases

Monogram denim briefcases will continue to be a huge seller this holiday season and beyond. When purchasing, ensure that you find the real deal. Louis Vuitton's designs, like those of many designers, are susceptible to being replicated. While these designer knock-off handbags may look like an authentic Louis Vuitton bag, the quality and durability of a fake briefcase won't not match up to an authentic bag.

If you're interested in purchasing an authentic Louis Vuitton monogram denim product, here are some places where you can find them, including a store where you can find high-quality, less expensive version that won't break the bank.

Fashion Phile

You don't need to be rich or famous to own monogrammed denim Vuitton products. Rather, you can check out for "gently used" pre-owned products, including popular denim briefcases. The wonderful accessories that usually sell for thousands of dollars are available at great discounts from this website, often for only hundreds of dollars. Because these are inspected before sale, you can be sure that you won't get shortchanged on your purchase, nor will you be forced to sacrifice style. If you or a loved one wants an authentic Vuitton piece on a budget, FashionPhile is the place to begin the search. These bags offer the best of both worlds - brand-name recognition and affordability.


The products from Malleries are the real deal. These Louis Vuitton handbags, wallets, and briefcases are not replicas, they are actual, licensed Vuitton products. While many of the briefcases cost thousands of dollars, they are made with the quality and care that have been hallmarks of the company for more than 150 years. Malleries' website lists many different Vuitton products, and has plenty of pictures so that you can see exactly what you're purchasing. If you're not willing to settle for a replica monogram denim briefcase, this is the place to look for the legendary original.

Other Brands

While Louis Vuitton pioneered the monogram denim product, other stores and brands have begun to create similar looks for much less. A simple visit to your local department store might turn up a nice looking monogrammed denim briefcase that still has the mixture of whimsy and style that a Vuitton has, without the double or triple digit price tag.

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Monogram Denim Briefcases