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Mini Fashion Purses for Gifts

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Mudd Anna Mini Crossbody Bag

Every lady needs a dependable mini purse and they make wonderful gifts for all ages. Young girls will enjoy carrying colorful "grown-up" purses with an extra pen, paper, or whatever they need throughout the day. Moms will like having a smaller option to use that will easily fit inside of a diaper bag, while keeping their belongings separate from the baby's items. Teens and all women can enjoy the lightness that comes from only carrying a mini purse with the bare necessities instead of lugging around a satchel or tote.

Great Mini Purses

You can get mini purses within almost any line, from department store to designer boutique. Here are a few that will make good gifts for someone special.

The Mudd® Anna Mini Crossbody Bag

The Mudd Anna Mini Crossbody Bag (pictured above) is another fantastic pick for the younger set, even down to middle school if you have a daughter, granddaughter, or niece who's interested in carrying a purse. It's got a slightly rugged look and comes in three neutral colors (black, cognac, and mushroom).

This bag is less than $40.00 at Kohl's, so it's not as much of a financial commitment as some other options and won't be a big deal if this is a first purse that you're worried will get lost. All the zippers and pockets combined with the small size will help keep her organized without the need for a wallet if she prefers not to carry one.

The Dooney & Bourke Pouchette Crossbody Bag

The Dooney & Bourke Pouchette Crossbody Bag is under $75.00 and available at Nordstrom. It comes in four different color options that will complement almost any wardrobe, and might be the perfect bag for an older teen or college student who's looking for something nicer than what's already in her closet. It's also a crossbody bag, which makes it perfect for a busy lifestyle and lots of activity. She can just toss it over her head, tuck an arm through, and go.

This option may also be suitable for new moms who just want something simple to keep their keys, lip gloss, and other small items in. She'll be able to wear it hands-free since it's a crossbody style (a great alternative to backpack styles, which can be cumbersome when you're holding a baby), or she'll be able to toss it into a diaper bag to avoid carrying two separate bags.

Dooney and Bourke Pouchette Crossbody Bag
Dooney & Bourke Pouchette Crossbody Bag

Del Mano Mini Quilted Flower Satchel

At a similar price point (around $38.00), there's the Del Mano Mini Quilted Flower Satchel from Belk. This quilted purse has a flower accent on the front in the same color as the body of the bag (available in black, pewter, or brown). This one has two handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, so it will be easy to carry no matter what her preferences are.

Despite being a "mini," this purse will easily carry the essentials and keep them organized. Everything zips up safely inside with a zipper that runs along the top of the bag. Inside there's a zipped pouch for storing things like loose change, earbuds, or lip gloss, as well as two additional open pouches on the opposite side, perfect for storing a cell phone or ID cards.

The overall style of this purse is ideal for a girly-girl or the older woman who loves the most feminine accessories available. The quilted finish is chic and the matching flower is a beautiful extra touch.

Del Mano Mini Quilted Flower Satchel
Del Mano Mini Quilted Flower Satchel

The Brahmin York Collection Mini Asher Satchel

If you're looking to spend a little more, the Brahmin York Collection Mini Asher Satchel from Belk is a timeless leather option that will set you back a little less than $300.00. The color scheme and striped pattern make this a bag that can be used during any season by a woman who loves classic accessories that will never go out of style. It's a great option for a career woman who also has to carry a briefcase.

It has double handles and a shoulder strap that can be removed. There's one pocket on the outside and three more (two slip and one zippered) on the inside.

Brahmin Carlisle Collection Mini Asher Satchel
Brahmin Carlisle Collection Mini Asher Satchel

The Tory Burch Diana Flap Clutch Bag

Know a lovely lady who likes to spend nights out on the town in her finest dresses? She probably needs the black Tory Burch Diana Flap Clutch Bag, available at Neiman Marcus for about $250.00. It's sleek and small, and will look amazing with any cocktail dress (and maybe even jeans!). The style is simple: flap closure, gold lock closure, logo lining, slots for storing cards, and a couple of interior pockets for staying organized.

Tory Burch Diana Flap Clutch
Tory Burch Diana Flap Clutch

The Sherpani Piper Mini Crossbody

Here's another blissfully casual option for the student, on-the-go adult, or anyone who has a laidback fashion style. The Sherpani Piper Mini Crossbody is available at in three options: French roast/canvas, eco-leather, and wool.

It's thin, flat, and shouldn't get in the way of most busy lifestyles. It's just large enough to keep the bare minimum, like a slim wallet, cell phone, keys, and lip gloss. The strap is adjustable and it has a magnetic snap closure. It's priced right at around $40.00.

Sherpani Piper Mini Crossbody
Sherpani Piper Mini Crossbody

The KAVU Mini Keeper

Another pick from, the KAVU Mini Keeper is for the girl or woman who loves simplicity and color all at once. There are five color and pattern options to choose from, and this purse will only set you back about $25.00. It's good for students or active women who want a small, grab-and-go bag.

This bag is made from cotton canvas and has an adjustable strap and magnetic closure. If she loves to keep her things exceptionally organized, even in a small purse that won't hold a ton, she'll love that this one has five separate compartments.

KAVU Mini Keeper
KAVU Mini Keeper

The Furla Candy Mini Satchel

Of all the mini fashion purses, the Furla Candy Mini Satchel is one of the larger choices. It's perfect for the lady who says she wants to carry the bare minimum but always ends up needing to put more into her purse at the last minute, causing it to threaten to burst at the seams if she's using a truly "mini" bag.

This purse is right around the $250.00 mark at Zappos and comes in three beautiful colors: aubergine (lovely for fall and winter), gloss (a peppy shade that's ideal for spring and summer), and indaco (a mellow blue that will work all year round). It has double handle straps, a structured style that will stand on its own, and a zipper closure across the top.

Furla Candy Mini Satchel
Furla Candy Mini Satchel

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Mini Drawstring

There are two colors to choose from in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Mini Drawstring, Bluestone and Black 2. Both are beautiful, and the blue is perfect for the lady who loves adding a pop of color to an outfit with her accessories, while the black is for the woman who just wants a dependable purse that she doesn't feel obligated to change very often because it matches everything.

This one, another Zappos pick, is just under $200.00. It's made of leather and has a drawstring closure, which makes this purse stand out in a sea of purses with zippers along the top or magnetic flap closures. This could be a nice gift for a college student working her way through her last semester or a woman who likes purses that are almost classic choices, but with a twist (the color and/or the drawstring make this a good option in that case).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Drawstring
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Drawstring

Giving a Purse as a Gift

When you set out to find the perfect purse for a girl or woman, the price point comes into play, of course. Beyond that, you'll want to look at the fabric (is she fine with carrying leather or would cotton canvas be better?), how it's worn (should it be hands-free?), what type of organization options there are (is it one big pocket, or a pocket with smaller areas to tuck certain things away for easy access?), and how it'll fit into the recipient's lifestyle. Consider her wardrobe, too, to determine whether she'd like a classic neutral color or something that will add color to her ensemble.

A purse makes a fabulous gift for a fashionista because you don't have to guess or ask for her size, but you can still give her something stylish to wear.

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Mini Fashion Purses for Gifts