Mini-Sports Wallet

$20 bill sticking out of a mini wallet
Small sports wallets may have zip enclosures.

For active men and women, a mini-sports wallet can be the solution to keeping necessities close at hand. There are many varieties of compact wallets on today's market that offer both style and function for busy lives.

About Sports Wallets

The Casual Wallet

Sports wallets come in many styles - and not all, as the name suggests, are for athletes. While there are a number of products specifically designed for athletes to keep hands free, other sports wallets have the name quite simply because it differentiates them from dressier models. Sports wallets are more casual than many standard wallets, and may be made of materials such as nylon, canvas, or cloth, whereas real and synthetic leather make up a large majority of their counterparts. Colors and designs are also much commonly seen in sports wallets.

Mini Wallets: Bigger isn't Always Better

Today's cultural obsession with having the biggest and the best doesn't always extend to the organizational necessity known as the wallet. Mini-sports wallets and bags offer a number of advantages over billfold and tri-fold style wallets as well as larger bags. Mini wallets allow people to store essentials without harboring a lot of clutter. They are also often lightweight, allowing you to store what you need without becoming weighed down.

Types of Mini-Sports Wallets

Image of a nylon sports wallet
Nylon sports wallets are lighter than leather.

Small sports wallets are made by both mainstream and designer brands, and can be purchased at many major department stores. Little casual wallets may come in styles similar to dress wallets, such as billfold or tri-fold style, but they are rarely found in the larger checkbook style. Other looks include:

  • Small top-zip wallets
  • Zip-around wallets
  • Wrapped wallet - slim wallets secured with some style of enclosure
  • Snap wallets
  • Dual sided-wallets - allow cards and ID to be placed on both sides
  • Hook-and-loop closure wallets
  • Magnetic-fastener wallets

Mini-Sports Pieces for Athletes

As mentioned in the preceding section, mini-sports wallets often refer to casual wallet styles, but there is certainly a category of products dedicated to athletes and sports enthusiasts. These small wallets come in compact sizes and offer innovative design features that take up minimal amounts of space. They are usually made of lightweight, breathable materials and in many cases offer hands free capabilities.

Shoe Wallets

An incredibly innovative small wallet for sports lovers and any other active persons, the Luzit wallet doesn't require any carrying at all. This unique wallet actually laces into your shoes to keep necessary items safe, secure, and out of the way -- yet available when you need them.

Ankle and Wrist Wallets

Another ways athletes can secure their wallet items is with a type of mini wallet that secures onto their wrist or ankle. Adjustable fasteners allow these wallets to be secured to the ankle or wrist for safety while allowing the hands to remain free. Some of these models also have room to secure a cell phone and ipod as well.

Hidden Wallets

Small "hidden" wallets are still another answer for active persons. Often referred to as travel wallets, these work by being secured to an unrevealed location on the wearer, such as secured to a belt or belt loop underneath clothing. These are out of sight to deter thieves, and allow you to concentrate on your tasks or activities at hand without worry.

Small Sport Wallet Brands

The following links provide brands or sites that sell for small sports wallets:

  • Fossil sells a variety of mini women's casual wallets.
  • Big Skinny offers a wide variety of sports wallets for men and women, in several different sizes.
  • TPK Golf sells a tiny sports wallet called the Back Saver that, amazingly, can hold 24 credit cards.

Keep in mind that mini wallets may not be able to hold the same contents as a standard wallet, and that bills may need to be folded in half.

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Mini-Sports Wallet