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If your new glamorous job demands a lot of globe trotting, a luxury travel tote is the perfect way to get around in style! Read on for some of the hippest travel bags available now.

Lap of Luxury

You paid your dues with those college finals, and after perhaps spending years as the office peon, you have finally gotten your cake and you're ready to eat it too! Your first leap up the executive ladder can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, and if you are a seasoned professional you may still find yourself wanting to look your best whenever possible. A luxury travel tote is the perfect accessory to have in tow when you meet up with execs at the airport, or want to impress your bunkmate at the Hilton.

There are plenty of posh purses and impressive totes to be had, and below are just a few of your great options, especially if money is no object.

Alligator Duffel Bag

From the hip designer T. Anthony, a popular favorite of everyone from Elton John to Jackie O, their alligator duffel is handcrafted for precise measurements and is even lined with silk. This dynamic designer started out making cosmetic cases for Elizabeth Arden, and now, even after 61 years, the demand for his exotic handbags continues to grow.

A Luxury Travel Tote for Your Laptop

In today's Internet-driven society, a laptop is undoubtedly an essential item on your packing list. Protect this convenient holder of information while looking stylish at the same time with a laptop case from Jack Georges. At under $300, it is a great value and comes in nine classy colors. A rolling tote version is also available. Jack Georges has been noted for his professional luggage for over 20 years, and has even been featured on shows like ER.

Halsea Roller Suitcase

You may recognize the name Halsea if you were ever into surfing or athletics, as they are a top designer for Roxy and Paul Frank, However, in more recent years, the company founder leaned more toward a sophisticated look, bringing fun and retro patterns onto rolling suitcases and other business luggage. Luxury totes have never been more fun with designs paying homage to the California seashore.

These totes are available through Anthropologie and other exclusive boutiques throughout the nation.

Pretty In Pink

Check out the Aspinal Pink Travel Collection from this popular London brand. The tote includes several leather accessories with impressive coordination. If a pink travel tote isn't your thing, it also comes in tan, light blue, red, and purple. These make the perfect surprise gift for Christmas or birthdays. It's also the perfect choice for someone who has recently received a job promotion or has a lot of travel in their immediate future.

You don't have to seek out the highest price tag when you decide to go super high class. Check out your local mall stores such as Abercrombie for deals and steals without compromising quality or style. Even places like Target and Mervyn's are beginning to sell a luxury travel tote selection to be envied. There is a glamorous bag option for every age and price range, so get out there and start shopping.

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Luxury Travel Tote