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Louis Vuitton Wallet Styles

Cheryl Cirelli
Louis Vuitton Wallet

Louis Vuitton's small leather collection consists of wallets and accessories. These items have bridged the gap between luxury designer elitism and everyday purpose. Wallets can be found in a variety of styles and patterns making it possible to coordinate your wallet with your bag.

The Charm of Louis Vuitton Wallets

Louis Vuitton wallets boast a blissfully understated luxury that make these products the perfect accessories for variety of looks. Louis Vuitton fans can indulge themselves in a number of style lines such as:

Monogram Canvas Line

The Monogram Canvas line remains the signature look of Louis Vuitton accessories. This popular beige-on-brown "LV" bearing design remains the most popular style of all Louis Vuitton products. Some wallets to consider from this line are:

  • Sarah Wallet: This wallet is priced at $625 and is done in a snap front closure style. It contains slots for 10 credit cards and a section for bills.
  • Alexandra Wallet: Priced at $725, this wallet is done with a press stud snap closure. It can hold up to 13 credit cards and has three compartments.
  • Insolite Wallet: This wallet is priced at $695 and has a double zipper opening. It has two interior zipper pockets and one flat interior pocket to hold papers.

Monogram Multicolor Line

Louis Vuitton Wallet

The Multicolor Line adds a flirty twist to the conventional canvas Louis Vuitton wallets with the introduction of bright candy colors set on a white or black leather-lined canvas background. This line offers the same casual versatility as the signature canvas with the addition of a bold feminine Takashi Murakami-inspired appeal. Within the collection are wallets such as:

  • Zippy Coin Purse: This small coin purse has three interior pockets and a zipper closure. It is priced at $470.
  • Eugenie Wallet: Priced at $1040, this luxurious wallet has a beige calf lining and brass detailing. It has a press lock closure making it simple to secure your cards and cash.

Epi Leather Collection

The Epi Leather Collection contains a variety of wallets all crafted out of the same soft, pleasant Epi leather. The "LV" is subtly embossed on the lower corner of Epi models.There are a range of colors in this collection such as Prune Electric, Menthe, Citron, Indigo and Fuschia.

Some Epi wallets to consider include:

  • Flore Wallet: Priced at $835, this wallet is done in a tricolor design. It can hold cards, cash and receipts. It features shiny silver brass detailing and smooth leather trim.
  • Zippy Wallet: Priced at $845, this wallet is done in a sleek design. It has eight slots for credit cards and a zippered compartment for coins.

Monogram Vernis

The Monogram Vernis collection is done in shiny leather with embossed logos. The collection consists of colors such as red, yellow, beige and black, Some wallets in this collection are:

  • French Wallet: Priced at $875, this classic wallet has a clasp closure for coins and a snap closure to secure cash and cards. It has golden brass accents and a calf lining.
  • Rossmore: This wallet, similar to the Sarah Wallet, is priced at $1040. It has a spacious interior with 10 card slots and zippered compartment for coins. This wallet features vintage golden brass detailing and a calf interior.

Where to Find

Authentic Louis Vuitton wallets can be purchased directly from Louis Vuitton stores both online (under the Small Leather Accessories section) and at retail locations. To find a store near you, visit the store locator found on Louis Vuitton's official website.

Shopping Tips

You can often find Louis Vuitton products on site such as eBay. Beware, though, when shopping online since there are endless designer replicas currently flooding the market. If you do plan to shop online, only purchase from reliable merchants.

Louis Vuitton Wallet Styles