Inexpensive Luggage Sets

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Inexpensive luggage sets are a great way to get from point A to B without spending a lot of money!

Reasons to Purchase

Are you wondering if a set of inexpensive totes, bags, and other luggage would serve you well on your next trip? Here are some reasons why a set might be just what you need:

  • Selection: The selection of reasonably priced luggage sets is tremendous; there's literally something to suit everyone's style. Whether you like your luggage to look tough and rugged, or pretty and feminine, there is the prefect set just waiting for you out there!
  • Durable: These inexpensive luggage sets are surprisingly durable! Technology has helped make once expensive fabrics much cheaper to reproduce. The end result is long-wearing, durable sets that really last.
  • Great Price: There's no doubt about it; the great prices of some of these sets are a big draw. And why not? Coupled with its durable construction and wide array of colors and patterns, inexpensive luggage sets can be a great long term investment!

Shopping for Inexpensive Luggage Sets

Let's turn now to where you can purchase some of these inexpensive luggage sets.

JC Penney

JC Penney is the first stop on our shopping list. There, you'll find an assortment of collections, including:

The Jaguar Diamond Collection

With a name like "diamond", you can expect a pretty classy appearance, and this collection doesn't disappoint! Elegant and chic, the gunmetal gray color and sturdy black handles, promise style and durability at an affordable price. Four different pieces are available in this collection: the wheeled garment bag, the twenty-eight inch upright, the twenty-one inch upright, the twenty-five inch upright, and the portable tote.

What is truly amazing about this set is its Global Bag Tracking Program. This program, which comes with the set, helps airport authorities identify and return your luggage if it's ever lost. Coupled with the JC Penney $349.99 asking price, this set may well be worth its weight in gold!

Jaguar Animal Print

Incredibly chic and fashionable, you're going to love this stylish three piece set! The set includes the twenty-eight inch expandable upright, the twenty-one inch expandable upright, and the beauty case. Purchase this $129.00 steal for its ultra chic animal print, its detailed faux suede vinyl trim, and its high quality design!

Dockers Bayside

If you like your luggage rugged, tough, and decidedly masculine, then you'll appreciate this Dockers set. The set itself includes four separate pieces and is available in three colors: red, black and brown.

To begin, you get the twenty-eight inch upright, the twenty-five inch upright and the twenty-one inch upright. The set rounds itself out with the fifteen inch tote. Perhaps what you'll love most about this attractive set is its $99.99 asking price. Perfect!

American Tourister Barcelona

This four piece set is durable, yet stylish with its polyester over steel construction. All of the uprights feature dual front pockets, with an additional interior, zippered, mesh pocket. The uprights and duffel sets all include smooth rolling, incline skate wheels, with retractable handles; perfect for navigating the tricky terrain that sometimes accompanies travel. You can expect to pay $99.99 for the entire set.

Luggage Online

Luggage Online is a great site to shop. They have a wide array of choices available, at prices that fit most budgets. Here's a closer look:

  • Kipling Basic Line Collection: If all you need is a duffel bag to get you through a quick overnight weekend stay, then consider this Kipling model. Equipped with a medium sized soft-sided panel, this duffel bag with three exterior pockets, will serve you well. Several colors are available, including:
  • Black
  • Blue Jean
  • Cherry
  • Espresso
  • Navy
  • Night Purple
  • Red

With five star ratings from all the online customers that have brought it, this $128.00 bag looks like a winner!

  • Calpak Duffels Galileo: If you're looking for something even cheaper, you can't go wrong with this $32.00 duffle bag. Rugged and sporty, it's built tough for travel. Waterproof, with two side-zipper pockets, two front zippered pockets and a detachable, non-slip shoulder strap, it's easy to see that this duffel was built to go the distance!
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