Inexpensive Backpack Purses

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Inexpensive backpack purses are a stylish and affordable way to carry all of your must haves with you. These purses come in a variety of colors and styles and have plenty of space to carry everything with you that you need. Could an affordable backpack purse be the perfect purse for you?

Backpack Purses

Backpack purses have a lot of fans. After all, what's not to like? They are a combination of two popular items - a backpack and a purse, combining the over the shoulder convenience of a backpack with the size and styling of a handbag. Most have good carrying capacity with a roomy inner compartment and lots of pockets for organizing smaller items just like a backpack, but they are made with the materials that handbag lovers adore - leather, suede, canvas or other materials with fashionable touches you would find on purses. It's the perfect hybrid of convenience and style.

Inexpensive Backpack Purses

Prices on backpack purses run the gamut - from inexpensive all the way up to extremely expensive. There are advantages to both. The more expensive backpack purses tend to be made with higher quality materials and construction that will last a lifetime, while inexpensive backpack purses may use lesser quality or manmade materials and lower quality construction techniques.

Why Choose an Affordable Backpack Purse

Inexpensive handbags tend to have a shorter lifespan than their more expensive counterparts. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many people only like to carry one handbag for just a season or two anyway, and it's far easier to move on to the next style if you haven't dropped a bundle on the handbag you are discarding. While a less expensive backpack purse may not be built to last a lifetime and there won't be a designer name somewhere on the bag, the tradeoff is that you can afford to buy a variety of styles that can be changed out to suit your mood or as trends evolve. If you are on a budget but really love trendy handbags, selecting less expensive backpack purses may be the way to go.

The other advantage to a backpack purse is convenience. Much like you would a backpack, you can grab your backpack purse, sling it over your shoulder and carry it all day without much discomfort. The backpack straps distribute the weight of the items in your purse evenly across your back instead of focusing it on one arm, shoulder or hand like a traditional handbag or shoulder bag. You don't have to purchase an expensive designer style in order to have the convenience and hands-free ease this type of bag offers.

Available Styles and Brands

The good news is that there are plenty of styles of backpack purses that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Many of the trendy, colorful backpack purses are those of the less expensive variety. More traditional, conservative styles may tend to be a bit more expensive. Some brands of backpack purses that aren't budget busters include:

  • Mossimo (available at Target)
  • Mudd (available at Kohls)
  • Fossil (available at Macy's)
  • Le Donne (available at Walmart)


While the materials on these bags won't be as luxe as their more expensive counterparts, they are still stylish and fun. In order to keep the price down, you can expect to find backpack purses in many of the following materials:

  • Canvas
  • Quilted fabric
  • Wool
  • Faux leather and suede
  • Animal prints
  • Inexpensive dyed leather
  • Nylon
  • Microfiber
  • Polypropylene

Backpack purses come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. There are affordable backpack purses that will appeal to those who want a more conservative look that are made in neutrally colored leather or fabric. There are also backpack purses that will appeal to your wild side with brightly colored or patterned fabrics, animal prints or colorful dyed leather and manmade leather.

Where to Buy

Finding a backpack purse that doesn't cost much is easy. Most chain department stores that feature affordable items are likely to have them, including Walmart, Sears, Target and JC Penney. Online, you can find them at e-tailers like For discount designer handbags, you might try or Ebay, where you can find used and new purses at steep discounts.

Is choosing an inexpensive backpack purse right for you? With all of the styles and choices available, it just may be!

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Inexpensive Backpack Purses