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Houndstooth Fashion Purses

Cheryl Cirelli
Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Purse
Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Purse

Houndstooth fashion purses can add a trendy element to an ordinary outfit!

All About Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a pattern, characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. It traditionally is done in black and white. Houndstooth can be found on items from jackets to hats to even purses. It is a retro-type print that has been making a comeback.

Types of Houndstooth Fashion Purses

There are many styles and sizes of houndstooth purses. Check out the following ones to add to your collection:

  • Neiman Marcus Last Call offers a very stylish Vixen black and white houndstooth handbag from Charles Jordan. It has a flap top, magnetic closure accented with a silver-tone buckle and an adjustible crossbody strap.
  • Dallas Wholesalers has the Black Houndstooth Style 2 Purse Handbag Bag. It is made from brushed cotton and vinyl, making it easy to keep clean. It has a zipper closure and interior compartments to keep you organized. Dallas Wholesalers also has the Black Houndstooth Style 5 Purse. It has a snap exterior flap closure over the main zippered compartment. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and an inner side zippered compartment with cell phone pouch.

Coordinating Your Look

black and white houndstooth print
Houndstooth is a popular print for a purse.

Houndstooth is a versatile fabric. It can be worn with many looks from jeans to dresses. One style tip is to choose only one houndstooth item at a time to wear. Make your houndstooth purse be the stand-alone item you wear, and it will stand out and make a fashion statement. A printed purse can dress up a plain outfit and pull the look together in a stylish way.

Some ways to wear your houndstooth fashion purse are:

  • Tired of your old work clothes, give them a fresh look with a trendy accessory such as a houndstooth purse. Choose one in a color such as red to accent your attire.
  • Carry a houndstooth purse when wearing a pair of jeans and a plain sweater. The ensemble will look simple yet chic.
  • Accent a classy black suit with a houndstooth purse to look fashionable. Search for a small print to pull off a classic style. When used as an accent, houndstooth can appear sophisticated and make you look pulled together.
  • A black and white houndstooth purse looks great when worn with a black wool jacket.

Final Thoughts

Be careful with what you wear when carrying a houndstooth purse. This print goes with a lot of looks but can clash with other prints and tweeds.

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Houndstooth Fashion Purses